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Lancaster Monday 07/01/13

Posted Monday, 07 January 2013, 3.40pm

The 2013 opening sale of prime stock saw 22 different outlets represented competing for all classes of stock.

Prime hogs averaged 139p/kg for all sold topping at 176p/kg (£74) for Texel x hoggs from FK & FM Woodhouse. Best meated hoggs regularly 150p/kg – 162p/kg with well fleshed hoggs selling for the premium prices.

Cast sheep continue to come forward in increasing numbers with meated Continentals £75 - £88, Mediums £55 - £70 with hill ewes £40 - £50.

Prime bulls were increased in number with buyers keen to purchase. Best grading beef bulls sold to 207.5p/kg (£1328) for Charolais x from S & BM Lawrenson & Son. Dairy bred bulls sold to 192.5p/kg (£1083.78) from E & N Wright & Sons. All bulls averaged 190p/kg (£1058). Clean heifers sold to 181.5p/kg (£882.09) for Simmental x from P & A Bell.

More clean cattle needed each week to meet strong demand.

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £74 Fell End Farm; £68 Hutton Roof Hall; £67.50 The Dell; £66 Old Glasson. Suffolk: £66 Booth Hall; £64 Station Hotel; £62 Middlesbar Farm; £60.50 Fell End Farm. Masham: £59 Fell End Farm; £58.50 Allcocks Farm; £52.50 Heald Farm. Mule: £62 Birks Farm; £58.50 Fell End Farm; £55 Brown Edge; £54 Sykes Farm. Horned: £54 Allcocks Farm; £49 Marshaw Farm; £44.50 Quarry House. Char: £67.50 Rooten Brook; £58.50 Old Glasson; £54 Longstripes Farm. Chev: £60 Hutton Roof Hall.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £86 Farleton House; £74 Wood House; £71 Old Grange. Char: £86 Little Fell. Suffolk: £88 Wood House: £73 Booth Hall. Masham: £69 Old Grange. Mule: £65 Old Grange; £64 Booth Hall; £61 Station Hotel. Horned: £47 Fell End Farm. Chev: £79 Wood House.
PRIME BULLS – Char: 207.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. BB: 203.5p/kg & 201.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm; 198.5p/kg High House, Calcalds Farm. Lim: 202.5p/kg & 196.5p/kg High House; 201.5p/kg Northwoods Farm; 198.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Fr: 192.5p/kg & 185.5p/kg Allcocks Farm; 169.5p/kg Calcalds Farm. Mont: 185.5p/kg Lane House.
PRIME HEIFERS – Sim: 181.5p/kg and Hfd: 176.5p/kg Village Farm.

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