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Lancaster Friday 25/01/13

Posted Friday, 25 January 2013, 4.14pm

Caption: David Moorhouse selling 2 Limousin Bullocks for £1490 a piece

Lancaster’s Weekly Sale of Store Cattle, Cast Cows, Calves & Stirks

OTM £1699 and 219.5p/kg, Stores £1490, Stirks £605

North West Auctions sold 457 cattle on behalf of 111 vendors to 54 different purchasers from throughout the country.

Cast/Feeding cows & OTM Clean cattle averaged 128p/kg topping at 209.5p/kg (£1699) for a BBx cow from ST Birkett, heifers sold to 219.5p/kg for Limousin x from RH & C Ayrton and £1340 for BBx from G Johnson.

Cows continue to sell at 135p – 155p/kg with plainer cows 110-120p/kg. OTM bullocks sold to 189.5p/kg for Hereford x from J Lamb. Bulls sold to £1352 for Holstein Friesian from PW & JM Norris & Son.

Store cattle topped at £1490 for Limousin x steers from DE & SM Moorhouse with the £1300 barrier broken on several occasions by H Morgan, JD & GM Bracken, J Bargh, FL Barnes, H Chapman & Son and JA & LR Wilson. Heifers sold to £1190 for BB & Char from R & E Ladds with plenty of short keep heifers £900 - £1000.

Calves topped at £312 for a Limousin x bull from J & EV Thompson & Son. Heifers £282 for Lim x from B & MJ Nelson & Son. Black & Whites sold to £105 (x2) from CG Birkett, all B&W’s sold av. £59. Stirks sold to £605 for Lim x from Messrs Young with others £560, £545. Reared Mont bulls £375 from CD Slinger.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1170 Poplar Grove; £1060 Old Glasson; £980 Hallbeck, Outerthwaite, Benson Hall. Lim: £1490 High House (Natland); £1430 West Lynn; £1370 Millbeck; £1290 High Green. Char: £1330 Greenlands Farm; £1330 Crow Trees; £1320 High House (Natland); £1120 Brown Edge. Hfd: £1190 Old Glasson; £1170 High House (Lowgill); £940 Lower Castle O’Trim. Sim: £1360 West Lynn; £1290 Ingrave Farm; £1170 Friars Moss; £1160 Holme Garth. Blonde: £1370 Millbeck; £1110 Capernwray Hall. AA: £1320 Old Woodhouse; £1260 Lodge Farm; £1230 Myerscough Hall; £1160 Bank Field; £1150 Mount Pleasant. Shorthorn: £990 Middle Ridge. BB: £1390 Dunningwell Farm; £1360 High House (Natland); £1220 Bouthwaite; £1210 West Lynn. Mont: £1140 Holme Garth. Baz: £1370 Millbeck. Swedish R&W: £1080 Fanny House.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £1120 Benson Hall. Lim: £1110 Greaves Farm; £1070 Rame Farm; £1060 Capernwray Hall; £1030 Brown Edge; £1010 Low Pleasant. Char: £1190 Benson Hall; £1180 Greenlands Farm; £1100 Intack Farm; £970 Brown Edge. Hfd: £1090 Windy Hill; £1020 Carlinwha; £980 Ashlack Hall; £960 High Green. Sim: £1090 Windy Hill; £1000 Intack Farm; £930 Jolley Fold; £920 Manor House Farm. Blonde: £1000 Brow Foot. AA: £1140 Windy Hill; £1090 Benson Hall, Jubilee Farm. WB: £900 Forton Bank. Stab: £980 Low Foulshaw. BB: £1190 Benson Hall; £1150 Bouthwaite; £1130 Brow Foot; £1110 Greaves Farm; £1080 Rame Farm
STORE BULLS – Lim: £490 River View.
BULL CALVES - Fr: £105 Netherbeck Barn; £100 Hood Ridding; £50 Forton Hall. Lim: £312 Hood Ridding; £230 Bank End; £200 Forton Hall. AA: £95 Pump House. BB: £270 Norbeck Farm. Longhorn: £80 Pump House.
HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £282 Halforth Farm; £240 Hood Ridding. Blonde: £240 Bank End. AA: £210 Bank End. BB: £235 Bank End, Norbreck Farm.
BULL STIRK – Lim: £360 Windmill Farm. Hfd: £110 Birkland Barrow. Mont: £375 Windmill Farm. Jersey: £90 Birkland Barrow
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £390 Stirk Hey; £362 Windmill. BB: £445 Moss End Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Lim: £605 Moss End Farm. BB: £560 Moss End Farm.
CAST COWS – Fr: 151.5p/kg Whittington Farm; 144.5p/kg Birkland Barrow; 139.5p/kg Cotestones, Yew Tree, Corney Hall; 137.5p/kg Booth Hall. Lim: 187.5p/kg Sandy Lane; 161.5p/kg Elm Bank; 147.5p/kg Cringleber; 134.5p/kg Far Orrest. Char: 119.5p/kg Windmill Farm. Hfd: 141.5p/kg Cringleber; 137.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Sim: 151.5p/kg Elm Bank. BB: 209.5p/kg Hall Croft Barn; 141.5p/kg Stonehead. AA: 164.5p/kg Eskew Beck; 151.5p/kg Elm Bank. Shorthorn: 134.5p/kg Hewitt House. BB: 174.5p/kg Ouzelthorn. Mont: 169.5p/kg Low Sizergh; 134.5p/kg Green Lane End. Swedish R&W: 119.5p/kg White Lund.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 147.5p/kg New Brows. Lim: 219.5p/kg Ouzelthorn; 199.5p/kg Wyre Farm; 184.5p/kg Lodge Farm. AA: 204.5p/kg Jubilee Farm. BB: 191.5p/kg Jubilee Farm; 181.5p/kg Wyre Farm
OTM STEERS/CAST BULLS – Fr:147.5p/kg Priory Farm; 119.5p/kg Gardners Farm. Hfd: 189.5p/kg Old Glasson; 131.5p/kg High House (Lowgill). Shorthorn: 144.5p/kg Broad Oak. Highland: 157.5p/kg High Oxenfell.

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