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Lancaster Friday 04/01/13

Posted Friday, 04 January 2013, 4.50pm

North West Auctions Lancaster sold 523 cattle at its first sale of the New Year with a full ringside of buyers containing several new and returning faces.

The sale of cast/feeding cows & OTM cattle averaged 128p/kg topping at 181.5p/kg for beef cows from E Dodgson, and M & L Preece, and £1154.43 per head from JE & AC Clarke. Dairy cows sold to 177.5p/kg from JK Birkett and £1317.84 from WE & G Hewitt & Sons. Three vendors broke the £2 per kilo for OTM Steers – B Clark (217.5p/kg), Ballacutchel Farms (211.5p/kg) and H Birkett & Son (209.5p/kg).

We have buyers for all types of OTM stock at Lancaster with 150 easily sold each week.

Store stock continues to sell to a very competitive trade with £1400 being the top price for a Charolais bullock from Fred Barnes and a pen of three Limousin bullocks from J Capstick & Sons. Twenty Five bullocks sold for £1200+ with all sold averaging £932. Heifers sold to £1200 for Limousin x from JA & LR Wilson. Best meated heifers regularly over £950 with all heifers averaging £845. Younger cattle were in keen demand with buyers competing for all types. Young bulls sold to £990 for Simmentals.

90 Calves & Stirks sold to an increased ringside of both farmer & dealer buyers with all types selling to full value. Bull calves sold to £350 for Limousin x from J & EV Thompson & Son with stronger calves £280 - £340 and medium bulls £210 - £270. Heifer calves experienced keen demand with farmers looking to secure future breeding stock, young heifer calves this week sold to £268 from RH & RA Fawcett with most £200+. Black & White’s made up over half the sale topping at £192 with others £190 from MH & AR Robinson, best rearing calves £120 - £175, mediums £70 - £115. Stirks sold to £525 for bulls from M Dobson & Sons with others £480. Bullocks reached £455 for Continentals from Messrs Young. We can sell 80-100 calves/stirks each week with buyers present for all types.

STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1400 Whicham Hall; £1390 Crow Trees; £1230 Tarnwater Farm; £1180 Littlewood Hall; £1170 Hutton Roof Hall, Bouthwaite. Char: £1400 Crow Trees; £1390 Low Lodge; £1360 Ivy Cottage. Hfd: £1200 King Bank; £1160 Low Lodge. Sim: £1070 Low Lodge; £1060 Bouthwaite; £1040 North Farm. Blonde: £1180 Capernwray Hall; £1170 Hallbeck; £580 Throstle Nest. AA: £1360 Dunningwell Farm; £1310 Tarnwater Farm; £1200 Mount Pleasant; £1090 Low Lodge; £1050 Raw End. MRI: £970 Littlewood Hall. BB: £1340 Whicham Hall; £1300 Walmsley Fold; £1240 Holme Garth; £1110 Capernwray Hall; £1100 Hill Top. Mont: £940 Middle Ridge. Swedish R&W: £560 Thostle Nest. Fr: £1030 Hawkrigg End; £990 Staffords Farm; £970 Birks Farm, Moss House Farm; £950 Intack Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1200 Dunningwell Farm; £1070 Hutton Roof Hall; £1040 High Fell Gate, Bouthwaite; £1030 Low Hall Beck. Char: £880 Birks Farm; £850 Mount Murray. Sim: £1040 Hill Top; £940 Jolley Fold; £800 Stonehead. Blonde: £850 Mount Murray; £690 Throstle Nest. AA: £1110 Bouthwaite; £960 Cropper Farm, Knittleton Farm; £940 Jolley Fold. Shorthorn: £850 Mount Murray. Chia: £1000 Holme Head. Welsh Black: Claughton Hall. Brown Swiss: £690 Throstle Nest. Stabiliser: £960 Low Foulshaw. BB: £1100 Bouthwaite; £1080 Low Hall Beck; £1020 Claughton Hall; £850 Bolton Fold.
STORE BULLS – Sim: £990 Eskew Beck. AA: £900 Eskew Beck
BULL CALVES - Fr: £192 Green Dragon Farm; £190 Holmescales; £165 Hood Ridding; £142 Brown Brook. Lim: £350 Hood Ridding; £320 Bank End; £315 Green Dragon. AA: £345 Bank End: £150 Hillam House Farm. BB: £335 Bank End; £328 Norbreck Farm; £195 Holmescales.
HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £268 Green Dragon; £240 Hood Ridding; £195 Forton Hall. AA: £110 Hillam House Farm. BB: £220 Norbreck Farm; £198 Holmescales.
BULL STIRK – Lim: £525 Mewith Head.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £350 Moss End Farm; £335 Mewith Head. AA: £350 Moss End Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £230 – Lim: £455 – Sim: £455 – BB: £455 Moss End Farm
CAST COWS – Fr: 169.5p/kg Booth Hall; 157.5p/kg Tunstall Hall, Lathwaite Farm, Sandvilla; 149.5p/kg Marlholes; 147.5p/kg Ninezergh. Lim: 181.5p/kg Spital Farm, High House; 171.5p/kg Mount Murray; 144.5p/kg Cringleber. Char: 179.5p/kg Hartrigg Farm, Mount Murray; 151.5p/kg Cringleber. Hfd: 149.5p/kg Goose Green. Sim: 154.5p/kg Cringleber. Blonde: 161.5p/kg Parkside Farm; 147.5p/kg Millstones. BB: 151.5p/kg Thornbush; 147.5p/kg Parkside Farm; 139.5p/kg Goose Green. AA: 151.5p/kg Cringleber. Shorthorn: 91.5p/kg Mount Murray. Mont: 124.5p/kg Johnson House. Swedish R&W: 177.5p/kg White Lund; 134.5p/kg Holme Head.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 164.5p/kg Sandvilla; 161.5p/kg Cropper Farm, Batty Hill; 154.5p/kg Ninezergh.
OTM STEERS – Lim: 217.5p/kg High Fell Gate. Char: 211.5p/kg Mount Murray; 209.5p/kg North Farm. AA: 194.5p/kg Mount Murray. Galloway: 154.5p/kg Whaitber. Highland: 154.5p/kg Valley View.

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