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Kendal Tuesday 22/01/13

Posted Wednesday, 23 January 2013, 3.51pm

A larger show of almost 2000 prime sheep were put before a ringside of buyers and despite not reaching the previous day’s trade as hoped, the majority hoggs met a satisfactory trade topping at 190p/kg.

The cast sheep sale saw best Continental ewes were good to sell and fell short of buyers requirements but plainer lean ewes and horned sheep were much harder to sell.

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £76 Harbarrow Farm; £73.50 Bellingham Road; £72.50 The Coach House; £70 Beech Tops, North Farm; £69.50 Red Lodge. Suffolk: £67 Meadow Oaks; £64 The Coach House; £62 Brow Head, Park House, Barker Knott; £61.50 High Biggarsbank; £61 Garnett Folds. Char: £66 High House; £64 Gibraltar; £59 Sand Lane. Chev: £60.50 North Farm; £59.50 High Farm, Green Head; £55 Crooklands Farm. Masham: £54 Gibraltar Farm; £53 Middale Farm. Mule: £64 Scroggs Farm; £62 Nether House; £55.50 North Farm; £55 Beech Tops. Horned: £67 The Borrans; £63 Beech Tops; £53 Birkhaw; £52 Well Foot.

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £60 Low Hall; £54 Lockbank. Suff: £75 Ninezergh. Cont: £78 North Farm; £70 High Farm; £66 Brow Head, Penrose Cottage. Mule: £60 Hallbeck, Carlingwha; £54 Lambrigg Head; £50 Cracalt, Arnside Tower, St Annes Farm. Horned: £46 Croft Foot; £35 Lambrigg Head. Chev: £60 Green Lane End.

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