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Posted Friday, 21 September 2012, 12.14pm

NWA Lancaster held its annual show and sale of gimmer lambs with a catalogued entry of 2525 attracting buyers from the midlands, south Wales in addition to the strong crowd of local buyers.

Judging this year was Mr James Towler, Grindleton and Mr Edward Fox, Withgill. A large show of lambs were presented before them with the champion pen of 10 awarded to W & A Cornall, whose lambs later sold taking top price of the day at £185 to WA Ward & Son, Slyne. Plenty of pens sold for £125 plus giving a pleasing average of £108 for all sold.

A new feature of this sale included the show for any other breed, judged by Mr Tony Ellis, New Hutton, who placed a pen of Texel X gimmers from K Thomas, Sedbergh top of the class, which later sold for £100 to M/s Wolfe, St Albans. Second prize in the class was awarded to JM & ED Hutchinson for 10 Scotch Mules, selling for £110 to J & H Huddleston.

Top Prices:
£185 – Bank Farm, £170 – Yates Farm, £165 Highfield Farm, £160 – Raw Ridding Farm, £152 – Cragg End, £148 – Sykes Farm, £144 – Fell End Farm.

Show Results:

Class 1 – Pen of 10 Mule Gimmer Lambs

Judges: Mr James Towler, Grindleton
Mr Edward Fox, Withgill

1st – W&A Cornal, Bank Farm - £185 to WA Ward & Son
2nd – JS & S Atkinson, Sykes Farm - £148 to WA Towler
3rd – JD & L Whitfield, Raw Ridding - £160 to SH & M Batty
4th – T Ayrton & Son, Yates Farm - £170 to WA Ward

Class 2 – Pen of 20 Mule Gimmer Lambs
Judges: Mr James Towler, Grindleton
Mr Edward Fox, Withgill

1st- T Ayrton & Son, Yates Farm - £128 to M/s Wolfe
2nd – RG & H Preece, Thornbush Farm - £110 to R&S Wilcock, Scaleber
3rd – WA Cornal, Bank Farm - £118 to M/s Wolfe, St Albans
4th – Drinkall Bros, Catshaw Hall - £108 to EI Wilson, Sandgate Farm

Class 3 – Pen of 10 Any Other Breed
Judge: Mr Tony Ellis, New Hutton

1st – K Thomas, Sedbergh: Texel X - £100 to M/s Wolfe, St Albans
2nd – JM & ED Hutchinson, Littledale: Scotch Mule - £110 to J&H Huddleston, Annasghyl
3rd – JM & ED Littledale, Littledale: Scotch Mule - £98 to J Athersmith, Alps Farm

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