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Lancaster Friday 28/09/12

Posted Friday, 28 September 2012, 4.11pm

Champions sell for £1200 at Lancaster

North West Auctions Lancaster saw an increased entry of over 800 cattle at its weekly sale which drew buyers from throughout the country.

The prize show for pens of four bullocks was judged by Mr John Gore, Shrewsbury who placed a pen of British Blue x from JJ & D Huddleston as Champions which later sold for £1200 a head to the judge.

Show Results - Pens of 4 Continental Bullocks
1st JJ & D Huddleston, Over Houses BB £1200 to J Gore
2nd E & CA Shuttleworth, Far Mount Barrow Lim £1240 to T Parkinson
3rd S & JE Cornthwaite, Lane House Lim £1300 to F Towers

A Special Thank You to the Farmers Guardian for kindly sponsoring today’s Show & Sale

Top price of £1390 was achieved for Limousin x bullocks from S & JE Cornthwaite and Charolais x from E & CA Shuttleworth. Strongest bullocks £1200-£1300 throughout the sale and cattle for wintering £800-£1000 with all sold averaging £893. Heifers achieved a top price of £1060 for Limousin x from JT & A Armitstead with a smaller entry averaging £831 ahead of next week’s prize show for heifers (pens of 4).

Another bumper entry of 178 cast/feeding cows & OTM clean cattle averaged 116p/kg throughout with best meated cows 140-150p/kg topping at 191.5p/kg three times from TC Altham & Sons, J Lamb and F & IM Potter. Dairy cows sold to 149.5p/kg from HG Mackereth & Son. 8 OTM’s over £1000 topping at £1302 for Limousin x from TC Altham & Sons. OTM heifers sold to 179.5p/kg from C Hargreaves & Son and £688 from H & A Stephenson. OTM Steers sold to 194.5p/kg (£1397) from S Hancock.

Calves & Stirks saw a buoyant trade with new purchasers in attendance. Best beef calves £375 for Limousin x bulls from M Dobson & Son and heifers £402 for AA x from JP & V Townley. Black & Whites sold to £150 for best rearers from J & EV Thompson & Son. Stirks reached £575 for British Blue x steers from DC Miller and heifers at £525 from AJ Pye.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS - Fr: £1100 Wilson House; £980 Old Glasson; £970 Fairfield, Low Levens; £920 Halton Park. Lim: £1390 Lane House; £1290 Far Mount Barrow; £1210 High House; £1130 Crow Trees; £1110 Thornbush. Char: £1390 Far Mount Barrow; £1090 Hawkrigg End; £1090 Old Hall; £1020 North Farm. Hfd: £1130 Lower Castle O’Trim; £1050 Bradlow Farm; £1000 Sykes Fold, Corney Hill. Sim: £1300 Southways; £1280 Lane House; £1230 Far Mount Barrow; £1200 Hill Top. Blonde: £1190 Goose Green; £1160 Far Mount Barrow. AA: £1300 Southways, Little Tunstall Farm; £1160 Cropper Farm; £1130 Far Mount Barrow; £1120 Mount Pleasant. Shorthorn: £1130 Capernwray; £880 Southways; £640 Lundholme. Chia: £1000 Holme Head. Stab: £1130 Crooklands. BB: £1350 High House; £1210 Pasture House; £1200 Over Houses; £1200 Lane House; £1190 Thornbush; £1120 Sykes Farm, Milton Moor. Baz: £900 Yarlsber; £790 Little Fell. Swedish R&W: £750 Holme Head.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £740 Cotestones. Lim: £1060 Bouthwaite; £1000 Cartref; £980 Jolley Fold; £950 Beckside. Char: £1000 Brown Edge; £920 Home House; £790 Dawson Fold; £770 King Bank. Hfd: £970 Armitstead; £960 Low Bank House. Sim: £850 Clawthorpe Lodge. AA: £980 Jolley Fold; £960 Cropper Farm; £840 Kitchen Ground. Blue Albion: £830 Arnside Tower. BB: £1040 Cropper Farm; £940 Fell End; £930 Yew Tree, Park Farm; £860 Beckside. Mont: £760 Lane House. Bazadaise: £890 Yarlsber; £680 Little Fell.
STORE BULLS - Char: £1040 Intack Farm. AA: £550 Charnock House Farm. BB: £790 Eskew Beck.
BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Cow & Hfd Hfr Calf: £1020 Old Glasson. Blonde Cow & AA Hfr Calf: £940 Dawson Fold.
CAST COWS – Fr: 149.5p/kg Ancliffe Hall, Whittington Farm; 147.5p/kg Half Way House; 144.5p/kg Tills Farm; 141.5p/kg Booth Hall. Lim: 191.5p/kg Mill Bank; 149.5p/kg Lambrigg Park; 139.5p/kg Cragg End; 134.5p/kg Farleton House. Char: 191.5p/kg Lambrigg Park. Hfd: 191.5p/kg Old Glasson; 159.5p/kg Dawson Fold. BB: 144.5p/kg Farleton House; 131.5p/kg Little Fell; 127.5p/kg Cragg End. Jersey: 121.5p/kg New Barn. AA: 161.5p/kg Post Office Farm. Brown Swiss: 141.5p/kg Sandvilla.
OTM/CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 169.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm; 167.5p/kg Sellerley Farm, Sunderland Brows Farm; 164.5p/kg Halforth Farm; 159.5p/kg Barnfield Farm. Lim: 164.5p/kg Ivy Farm. Char: 161.5p/kg Middle Ridge. AA: 179.5p/kg Sunderland Brows; 144.5p/kg Post Office Farm.
UTM/OTM BULLS & STEERS – Fr: 131.5p/kg Sellerley Farm. Hfd: 191.5p/kg Little Tunstall Farm. AA: 194.5p/kg Little Tunstall Farm. Longhorn: 144.5p/kg Lane House.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £50 Halforth Farm; £35 Gibsons Farm; £30 Westfield House, Old Hall. Lim: £375 Mewith Head. Sim: £325 Mewith Head. AA: £245 Boon Town.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £390 Mewith Head; £210 Halforth Farm. AA: £402 Greenalls Farm; £180 Boon Town.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £290 Stirk Hey; £150 Hood Ridding; £95 Knowsley Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS – AA: £475 Pilling Lane. BB: £525 Pilling Lane; £480 Cobble Hey Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £320 Sellerley Farm; £290 Moss End. Lim: £490 Moss End Farm. BB: £575 Cobble Hey.

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