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Kendal Tuesday 18/09/12

Posted Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 4.34pm

Kendal Prime Lambs a better trade than expected.

NWA Kendal had forward 981 prime lambs together with 366 cast sheep on Tuesday. The overall average for prime lambs of 161p/kg was better than expected with so many markets averaging in the 150’s throughout the tail end of the previous week. Lambs topped at 192p/kg for lightweight lambs from PR Escolme, Audlands Park. Lambs also sold to £88.50 per head from Mark Coates, Ulpha Farm for Texel lambs purchased by B Riley & Sons of Dunnockshaw.

Cast ewes proved to be a similar trade to the last few weeks topping at £108 from Messrs SW Atkinskin & Son, Capplerigg. Overall average £52.44.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS – Tex: £88.50 Ulpha, £88 Beck House, £83.50 Low Hall, £78 Low Gregg Hall, £75.50 Moser Hill & Bellingham Road. Suff: £76.50 Must Hill, £71 Red Lodge, £70.50 Upp Hall, £69 Salterwath, £68 Meadow Oaks, £67 Moser Hill, £65.50 Greenwood Haw, £65 Larkrigg. Mash: £52 Steps Farm. Mule: £76 Beckside, £68 Low Longmire, £67.50 Moser Hill, £66.50 Greenwood Haw, £65 Low Stennerley & Middle Sadghyll. Char: £69.50 Sand Lane, £66 Fairbank. Lei: £65 The Borrans.
CAST EWES – Cont: £98 Capplerigg, £87 Greenbank, £68 Bellingham Road, £66 Low House. Mash: £65 Rinkfield. Mule: £72 Ulpha, £69 Low House, £68 Town End, £66 Fairbank & Low Gregg Hall. Swale: £49 Castle Syke, £37 Warth Sutton, £32 Gilpin Bridge. Rough Fell: £51 Steps Farm, £40 Lockbank, £38 Low Greenriggs & Archers Hill. Tex: £108 Capplerigg, £90 Oldfield End, £87Orphan Crag, £86 Jackson Ground. LLeyn: £76 Cragg Farm. Dales: £59 Yarlsber.
CAST RAM: Dales: £63 Yarlsber.

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