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Lancaster Monday 13/08/12

Posted Monday, 13 August 2012, 3.06pm


The trade picked up at the end of last week due to a shortage of lambs as many people took advantage of the fantastic weather to make some silage & hay.

Today trade at Lancaster was stronger than the previous week. The day’s overall average was 185p/kg for all classes with a lot of lean, poorer finished lambs about. Well fleshed lambs sold well and were by far the easiest to place selling into the one nineties. Mark Townley of Claughton Hall Farm topped the day’s trade at 204p/kg with pen of 11 smart Texel cross lambs selling to Whittakers Butchers, Blackburn. Top price per head of the day was £90 for a heavy lamb from D Cockett, Wilson Wood selling to Lancaster Meats.

Cast ewes were a sharper trade today with a lot bigger entry than seen for the past few weeks. Top price came from Curwen Hill selling Texel ewes to £121. Big fleshy Continentals sold regularly over the £100 mark with straight Continentals ewes in the late £80’s early £90’s. A plain entry of Mule ewes sold into the mid £70’s with many pens around the £70 mark.

Prime bulls continue to sell well at Lancaster with just handful forward averaging 190p/kg. Top price of the day came from Messrs Clark & Johnson, Far Orrest selling a Limousin bull at 209.5p/kg or £1261 to G Blacklidge. Over 70% of bulls forward today sold for £1000 or more!

PRIME LAMBS - Suff: £81 Parks Farm Barn; £80 Birks Farm; £78 Old Grange; £77 Oak Head, Red Lodge; £76 Fell End, Cockerham Hall. Cont: £77.50 Trees Farm; £68 Tenters Farm. Mule: £76 Low Moor Head; £75 Cockerham Hall; £74.50 Hare Appletree; £73 Malt Dubs, Isle of Skye; £72.50 Yarlsber. Char: £82 Gowan Bank; £80 Yarlsber; £76.50 Oak Head, Capernwray Hall; £74.50 Old Glasson. Texel: £90 Wilson Wood; £85 Parks Farm Barn; £84 Claughton Hall, Old Glasson; £83 Newhouse Farm; £80.50 Yeat House; £80 Rooten Brook. Jacob: £65 Chapelfields.
CAST SHEEP - Suff: £79 Parks Farm Barn; £77 Walnut Tree. Masham: £80 Lundholme Farm. Mule: £76 Mearsbeck; £74 Curwen Hill; £72 Downlands Farm; £70 Rooten Brook; £69 Cantsfield Hall. Horned: £44 Rooten Brook; £42 Appletree Farm. Char: £106 Curwen Hill. Texel: £121 Curwen Hill; £118 Moss Cottage; £101 Mearsbeck Farm; £99 Cantsfield Hall; £98 The Dingle; £92 Capernwray Hall; £91 Newhouse Farm. Leicester: £100 Mearsbeck. Gritstone: £68 Ellers Farm.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 209p/kg & 204p/kg Far Orrest; 188.5p/kg Northwoods. Sim: 189.5p/kg Larbreck Hill; 180.5p/kg Village Farm. AA: 186.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. BB: 193.5p/kg Village Farm; 188.5p/kg Northwoods.

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