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Kendal Tuesday 21/08/12

Posted Wednesday, 22 August 2012, 10.43am

A show of almost 2000 sheep were put before a ringside of 13 active buyers who were all keen to secure sheep for orders. Lams topped at £94 per head for a big pen of Suffolk x lambs from AM Jennings & Son, Must Hill. The top price per kilo of £2.07 was paid for a smart pen of Texel x Beltex lambs from JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm.

Cast sheep were forward in larger numbers than of late and there were a lot freshly spained horned sheep about which were not just as good to sell as they have been as they have been better fleshed. Mule ewes £75-£80. Continentals topped at £105 for a Ram from B & D Willison & Son, Levens.

Top prices:
PRIME LAMBS - Suff: £94 Must Hill; £85 Hood Ridding; £84 Stoney Gill; £82 Brow Head; £81 Mountain View. Masham: £58 Steps Farm. Mule: £7.50 Low Newton Farm; £72 Poppy Farm; £71 Brown Edge; £70 Castle Syke; £69.50 Ashstead, Yoad Pot. Char: £87 Myers Farm; £84 Kirkett Nook; £79.50 Ashlack Hall; £74 Moss End, High Greg Hall, Low Sizergh. Texel: £90 Sunny Bank; £88 Low Hall; £86.50 Poppy Farm; £86 Warth Sutton; £85 Mountain View; £84 Cockrigg; £82.50 Hollins Farm. Leicester: £74 Brown Edge.
CAST EWES - Suff: £83 Low Woodedge. Cont: £85 Green Lane End; £80 The Borrans, Cockrigg; £75 Low Levens. Mule: £74 Hood Ridding; £72 Low House; £70 Garnett Folds; £70 Fairbank Farm. Swaledale: £64 Cockrigg; £39 Yoad Pot. Rough Fell: £63 Midfield; £56 Lockbank; £53 Cinderbarrow; £51 Low Newton. Chev: £64 Green Lane End; £48 Poole Bank. Texel: £105 (ram) Cinderbarrow; £99 Old Croft; £86 Low Woodedge; £82 Low House; £79 Kate Farm.

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