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Kendal Thursday 16/08/12

Posted Monday, 20 August 2012, 9.17am

Kendal Mart’s Fortnightly Sale of OTM’s, Store Cattle & Store Lambs

The summer show and sale of cattle was held at Kendal Auction Mart on Thursday 16th August.

The pre-sale judging was very ably carried out by Mr J Bargh of Overton.

Class 1 - Store Heifer
1st DJ & MJ Hoggart, Old Hall £890 Lim
2nd H & AT Threlkeld, Bowkerstead £905 Lim
3rd DJ & MJ Hoggarth, Old Hall £830 Lim

Class 2 - Store Bullock
1st H & AT Threlkeld, Bowkerstead £1110 Lim
2nd H & AT Threlkeld, Bowkerstead £ 960 Lim
3rd H & AT Threlkeld, Bowkerstead £1060 Lim

1st Prize Bullock from H & AT Threlkeld, Bowkerstead

A full ringside of buyers witnessed a fantastic trade for all classes of cattle. Trade topped at £1170 for a 15 month old BB bullock from H & AT Threlkeld of Satterthwaite. Heifers also from the same home topped at £1190 for a 13 month old Charolais.

A full ringside of buyers ensured cast cows would be some 10p dearer than a fortnight ago averaging 139.2p/kg cattle topped at 180.5p/kg for a British Blue bullock from JW & HM Metcalfe & Son of Gatebeck this was also top price at £1516.20. Black and white cows topped at 149.5p/kg and cast cows were to 147.5p/kg.

Breeding Cattle - Cows and calves topped at £1190 for a 7 year old Blonde x cow with a Heifer calf at foot from Mr Knipe of Milnthorpe.

A reduced entry of 580 store lambs sold to a competitive trade with more buyers present. Best lambs sold to £70 for Suffolk x from Mrs JH Strickland with short keep lambs generally £58-£62. Medium lambs sold to £57.50 for Texel x from R Gibson & Son with longest keep lambs £52-£54. Overall average £56.

Calves continue to come forward in numbers however beef calves were in short supply and selling to a premium. £280 was achieved for a young BB x bull from WH & K Robinson with Limousin heifers £265 from Fishwick Bros, Limousin bulls £245 from B Wilson and BB x heifers £235 MH & SJ Morris. B&W made up the bulk of the sale with best month old Friesians £155 from B Wilson and £150 RJ Gardner, rearers generally £75-£95, nothing under £48, all averaging £98.

Next sale of OTM's, Rearing Calves & Stirks, Store Cattle & Store Lambs Thursday 30th August.
Entries for catalogue close Thursday 23rd August.

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