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Lancaster Monday 23/07/12

Posted Monday, 23 July 2012, 3.43pm

Largest show of lambs and buyers at Lancaster this year

1716 Lambs & 10 Buyers

An entry of over 1700 lambs sold to a competitive trade with an average of 195p/kg (SQQ 196.2p/kg). The day’s top price of 218p/kg was achieved for a pen of small Texel x Beltex lambs from T R Prickett purchased by Lancaster Meats. Best bred lambs regularly over £2/kg. £95 was achieved by A & FM Bolland and G A Haston & Son for heavy lambs with both lots purchased by M Lomax.

More lambs needed to meet demand at this popular early morning sale.

Cast sheep continue to come forward in numbers with a market average of £72 topping at £104 for Texel x ewes from R & DM Cardwell. Mules regularly £70 - £77 with 5 buyers competing for ewes.

Prime bulls sold to 203p/kg (£1225.07) for best suckler bred Limousin x from Messrs Clark & Johnson with dairy bred bulls to 188.5p/kg from G A Haston & Son and £1184 from J & D Barton & Son.

All bulls this week averaged 180p/kg or £1015.

PRIME LAMBS - Tex: £95 Lane House & Yeat House, £94 Tarnwater, £91 Cockerham Hall, £90 Foredales, £89 & £88 Mearsbeck. Suff: £90 Foredales, £89 Lyndale, £87 Oak Head, £86.50 Station Hotel, £85 Cockerham Hall & Fell End, £83 Orchard House, £82 Underley Estate, £81.50 Old Grange Farm. Char: £80 Oak Head, £78 Old Glasson Farm. Dorset: £65 Derby Rd. Cont: £69 Bracken Lea, £61 Ivy House. Mule: £73 Lower Brow Top.
CAST EWES - Suff: £88 Red Lodge, £82 Malt Dubs. Mash: £73 Ancliffe Hall. Mule: £94 Hall Croft Barn, £76 Beckfoot, £76 & £74 Ancliffe Hall, £73 Burrow Heights. Horned: £65 Hutton roof Hall, £56 Cautley. Chev: £89 Hutton Roof Hall, £84 Beckfoot. Tex: £104 Moss Side, £97 Wyre Farm, £96 Foredales, £95 Sellerley Fields, £94 Red Lodge.
CAST RAMS - Tex: £81 Hutton Roof Hall.
PRIME BULLS - Lim: 203.5p/kg (£1225.07) Far Orrest, 186.5p/kg (£1184.28) Calcalds. Fr: 155.5p/kg (£855.25 Larbreck Hill). Sim: 186.5p/kg (£1040.67) Larbreck Hill. Ayr: 145.5p/kg (£679.49) Larbreck Hill. Mont: 188.5p/kg (£941.99) Lane House. BB: 185.5p/kg (£1001.70) Larbreck Hill.

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