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Lancaster Monday 02/07/12

Posted Monday, 02 July 2012, 4.17pm

An increased entry of 1535 prime lambs and cast ewes sold to a ringside of buyers competing for all classes of sheep. Prime lambs sold to a top price of 208p/kg for Texel x lambs from RW & FJ Rhodes purchased by Michael Lomax. £85 was the top price per head for Texel & Suffolk x lambs from WW & D Boow, TE Kidd & TR Prickett. Best meated lambs in the strongest demand weighing 38kg-41kg.

Cast sheep were keenly competed for averaging £73.15 with best fleshy ewes £90+ topping at £110 for Texel x from WW & D Boow. Mules regularly £70-£78 selling to £89 from JD & EM Brown. Cast rams averaged £90 selling to £120 for Texel from AG Stafford.

Prime bulls sold to 197.5p/kg (£1305) from TD & A Gardner with all bulls averaging 187p/kg (£1100). Clean cattle sold to 207.5p/kg for a smart Limousin heifer from T Potter & Son which was purchased by Riley Brothers. All clean cattle averaged 185p/kg (£1098).

More cattle are needed each Monday.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £85 Booth Hall; £82 Hawes Farm, Lyndale; £78 Station Hotel. Cont: £83 Crook-o-Lune Farm; £73 Red Lodge. Mule: £70 Brown Edge. Char: £76 Wyre Farm; £75 Old Glasson; £74 Station Hotel; £72 Chapelfields. Texel: £85 Hutton Roof Hall; £85 Corney Hall; £83 Greenbank Farm; £80 Ashton Barn, High Moorhead; £79 Gibsons Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £96 Cocker House; £89 Ivy Farm; £87 Hazelslack Tower. Masham: £68 Lundholme Farm, Salisbury Farm. Mule: £89 Salisbury Farm; £83 Kitchen Ground; £82 Downlands; £77 Red Lodge. Horned: £50 Middle Lee; £49 Station Hotel. Char: £80 High Moorhead. Chev: £79 Red Lodge. Texel: £120 (ram) Birch Croft; £110 Corney Hall; £108 Parks Farm Barn; £102 Crook-o-Lune Farm; £96 Ashton Barn; £94 Wyre Farm; £89 Lower Highfield; £86 Hutton Roof Hall.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 197.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Sim: 195.5p/kg Northwoods. Stab: 194.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm. BB: 185.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Mont: 181.5p/kg Lane House.
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 207.5p/kg Graining Field. Fr: 151.5p/kg Corney Hall.

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