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Kendal Tuesday 24/07/12

Posted Wednesday, 25 July 2012, 3.55pm


A good entry of almost 2,000 sheep forward were put before a ringside of 12 active buyers.

Well fleshed prime lambs were very keenly sought after although leaner type Suffolk x lambs were a little easier on the week but still found a competitive trade. A top price of £96 per head was achieved for a pen of Texel x lambs from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg Head. A top price per kilo of 211p was reached twice, firstly for a pen of 40kg Texel x from JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm selling to local butcher Jim Hadwin, Mansergh. E & J Postlethwaite, Middleshaw Hall also sold lightweight Texels at 211p/kg.

It was good to see quite a few new faces selling lambs and to see them all leave the market having had a good trade. Many more lambs could have been sold with lightweight lambs being particularly short of requirements.

The Cast Sheep sale Once again saw a large show of sheep forward with all classes being a pound or two easier on the week. A lot of plain horned ewes were on offer but all classes were easily sold and averaging overall £61.06.

Top prices:

PRIME LAMBS - Texel: £96 Lambrigg Head; £91 Millness Hall; £90 Hole House, Garnett House, The Borrans, Low Hall; £88.50 Benson Hall; £88 Catshaw Hall; £87.50 Carlingwha, Kirkett Nook; £87 Beckside, Scroggs. Suffolk: £88 Birds Park, Salterwath Farm; £82 Cracalt, Raw Head; £81.50 Toadpool; £80 Orchard House, Kit Cragg; £79 Garnett Folds. Cont: £87 Carlingwha; £70 Sproat Ghyll, Croft Foot; £69 Hawkrigg, Mosergh. Masham: £74 Nissan Huts. Mule: £72 Brown Edge; £66.50 Ashstead. Horned: £65 Crook Hall, Archer Hill. Char: £87.50 Myers Farm; £80 Crooklands Farm; £75 Sand Lane; £68.50 Overplain. Leicester: £80 The Borrans; £72.50 Hole House.
CAST SHEEP - Texel: £98 Red Lodge; £89 Sand Lane; £84 Mutton Hall; £83 Bowers Farm; £82 Low House. Leicester: £114 Kit Cragg; £88 Ashstead. Teeswater: £92 (ram) Ghyll Farm. Cont: £86 Low House; £79 Red Lodge; £75 Bowers Farm, Lambrigg Head. Mule: £87 Red Lodge; £75 Lambrigg Head, Low House; £73 East Ridding, Birds Park, Lodge Farm, Toadpool, Kit Cragg; £72 Hole House. Masham: £67 Lambrigg Head. Swaledale: £65 Scargill; £60 Catshaw Hall; £51 Nissan Huts; £48 Strickland Hill; £45 Woodside. Rough Fell: £67 Croft Foot; £66 Nissan Huts. Chev: £91 Red Lodge; £55 Bowers Farm.

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