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Kendal Tuesday 10/07/12

Posted Wednesday, 11 July 2012, 3.56pm

Prime Lambs
With extra buyers in attendance keen to secure lambs for orders and a smaller show of lambs forward meant some buyers left short of numbers. Once again all weights were sought after and were some 10p a kilo dearer than the previous week. Lambs topped at £90 a head for a heavy Texel from TE & J Wadsworth, Raines Hall closely

followed at £89 per head for a big pen of Charollais x from RR & JA Knowles of Myers Farm. A top price per kilo of 213p per kilo was paid for lambs from E & J Postlethwaite, Middleshaw Hall for a pen of light Texels.

Cast Sheep
Once again numbers continue to come forward and the price also remains firm. All classes of sheep were good to sell but buyers still remain very cautious of over fat ewes. Cast sheep topped at £135 for a Suffolk ram from RA & L Hodgson, Patton Hall and ewes sold to £128 for a Leicester from JD & CL Inman, Strickland Hill. Many more could have been sold.

A Good quality show of pigs forward today at Kendal’s monthly pig sale. An entry of just over 80 pigs forward sold for a brisker trade than the previous month.

Top price of the day came from Geoff and Marilyn Wilson of Scale House who sold a couple of finished gilts for £122 to the Brown Horse, Winster. Closely followed by a couple of gilts from A J Horn, Lower Grisburn which sold for £110 to W Taylor & Son. Young store pigs sold to £66 from A J & H Clark, High Hollins. There were many pens of weaners selling between £28 and £32.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS - Texel: £90 Raines Hall; £89 Holmescales; £88.50 Beckside; £87 Low Woodhouse; £86 Cockrigg, High House; £84.50 Steel Croft, First Moss; £83 Row Farm Cottage, Birds Park, Scroggs Farm. Suffolk: £87 Head House; £85 West Plain; £83 Birds Park; £81 High House; £79 Green Lane End; £79 Lane Ends. Mule: £73 Croft Foot. Horned: £70 Moss End. Char: £89 Myers Farm; £80.50 Middale Farm; £70.50 Cooper House.
CAST EWES - Suffolk: £96 Cracalt Farm; £91 Holmescales; £87 Crooklands Farm; £84 Head House. Cont: £92 Middleshaw Hall. Mule: £91 Steel Croft; £85 Middle Birkby; £82 Crooklands Farm, Barn Hey. Swaledale: £65 Strickland Hill; £60 Barrowfield. Rough Fell: £58 Patton Hall. Horned: £74 Croft Foot. Chev: £80 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Texel: £123 Holmescales; £99 Crosscrake Farm; £92 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £91 Barn Hey; £90 Steel Croft; £89 Cracalt Farm.  Leicester: £128 Strickland Hill; £82 Town End.
CAST RAMS - Suffolk: £135 Patton Hall; £120 Tarn Foot. Texel: £108 Hall Beck; £96 Tarn Foot.
PIGS - Finished Gilts: £122 Scale House; £110 Lower Grisburn. Cast Boars/Sows: £85, £75,£75 Hillside; £72 Stoneyhead. Store pigs: £66 High Hollins; £60 Temple House; £50 Hillside; £40 Roundhill. Weaners: £38, £30Ellonby Hall; £34 Bascodyke; £32, £30 Holme Head.


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