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Kendal Tuesday 12/06/12

Posted Wednesday, 13 June 2012, 4.36pm


A slightly plainer show of lambs forward today reflected in an easier average of 199p/kg. Good quality lambs still in strong demand regularly selling between the 210 and 220p/kg range. Handy weight lambs still most sought after with heavier sorts harder to place. The day’s sale peaked at 221p/kg for a pair of 38kg Beltex lambs from KR & CA Williamson, Beckfoot Farm Cottage which sold to Jim Hadwin, Mansergh. The top price per head of £90 was paid for a pen of ten Charollais x lambs from WS Burrow & Son, Gibraltar Farm.

Cast Sheep
A strong entry of cast sheep forward today at Kendal which sold to an improved trade compared to that of the previous week. As seen recently fit ewes by far the easiest to sell with over fat sheep not as sought after. Cast rams told to £125 from JW & A Matthews, Oldfield End. Good Continental ewes sold regularly in the early hundreds. Mule ewes in the mid £80’s and Rough Fell in the early £70’s. Overall sale average £79.62. Cast sheep are needed to meet strong demand from buyers.

Breeding Sheep
Just a handful of sheep with lambs at foot on offer today. Mule hoggs with single Suffolk lambs sold for £152. Aged Cheviot ewes sucking single Texel lambs £75 and broken mouthed Swaledales with single Mule wether lambs £66.  If interested in buying or selling sheep & lambs please contact a member of staff.


Good quality pigs continue to sell well with darker sorts slightly harder to sell. The day’s trade was topped at £125 for a boar from AJ & ME Saggers, Holme Head with well fleshed sows & boars selling to their value at between £70 & £80. Good quality store pigs sold to between £80 & £90 with smaller stores selling around the £50 mark for good Whites. Darker types definitely harder to place on the day. Weaners sold to £42 with the majority of good white weaners between £25 & £30 and smaller dark sorts selling in the late teens.

Top Prices
- Suffolk: £89 Garnett Folds; £84 Lane Ends, Underley Estate; £83.50 Hollins Farm; £81.50 Bradley Farm; £79.50 Ackenthwaite. Texel: £88 Gibraltar Farm; £87 Cooper House; £85.50 Fairbank Farm; £84 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, Red Scar; £81 Bradley Farm; £80 Ackenthwaite; £79 Endmoor Farm. Char: £90 Gibraltar Farm; £81 Fairbank Farm; £74.50 Hagg Farm. Dorset: £65 Brow Head. Mule: £65 Hill Farm.
CAST EWES - Cont: £110 Spital Farm; £103 Oldfield End; £97 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Suffolk: £89 Old Croft. Texel: £106 Strickland Hill; £102 Old Croft; £100 Green Lane End; £95 Garnett Folds; £93 Underley Estate; £90 Deansbiggin. Leicester: £111 Strickland Hill; £93 The Borrans. Mule: £89 Ackenthwaite; £88 Deansbiggin, Strickland Hill; £86 Underley Estate; £83 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Swaledale: £63 Forest Hall; £62 Strickland Hill; £51 Well Foot. Rough Fell: £75 Patton Mill, Low House; £70 Croft Foot. Chev: £98 Green Lane End; £80 Underley Estate.
CAST RAMS – Cont: £125 Oldfield End; £112 The Borrans. Swaledale: £78 Forest Hall. Leicester: £98 Strickland Hill.
PIGS – Cast Sows & Boars: £125 Holme Head; £105 Herons Reach; £82 Selsmire; £70 Bascodyke; £60 Stoney Head. Store Pigs: £95 & £90 Crook Barn; £88 & £65 Bonnie Mount; £65 Roundhills. Weaners: £42 & £40 Holme Head; £40 Lockbank; £38 Hazel Holme; £25 Cragg Road, Crook Barn.

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