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Kendal Thursday 21/06/12

Posted Thursday, 21 June 2012, 3.43pm


NWA Kendal had a fantastic Cast Cow trade to average more than 136p/kg, twice as many more cattle could have been sold, more cows are urgently needed at Kendal. Pick of the market was a Limousin cow from A E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm, they had the four top priced cows in the sale selling between 154.5p/kg and the top mark of 173.5p/kg (£1390). All black and white cattle were good to sell averaging 126.5p/kg and topping at 148.50p/kg to DJ & S Stainton, Beck House. Cast Heifers sold to 155.50p/kg to H J Robinson & Son, Elm Tree. A single blonde Cast Bull from G & I D Postlethwaite, Riddings made 157.5p/kg (£1430).

A small entry of Stores saw a top price of £590 for a Limousin Blk stirk from GM Redmayne, Gowan Bank.

Rearing calves were good to sell as always with Limousin bull calves topping at £385 and Limousin heifers at £250 both produced by B. Wilson, Spout House. Young Friesian bull calves sold to a top of £100 from W. Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite.

Top Prices
Cast Cows – Fr: 148.50p/kg & 147.50p/kg Beck House, 135.50p/kg Wyke. Lim: 173.50p/kg, 163.50p/kg Stubb Farm. High: 106.50p/kg Park Av. Luing: 132.50p/kg Poole Bank. SR&W: 132.50p/kg Cracalt.
Cast Heifer – Fr: 155.50p/kg Elm Tree.
Cast Bull – Blo: 157.50p/kg Riddings.
Bull Calves – Fr: £100 & £80 Ackenthwaite. Lim: £385 Spout House. AA: £230 Wyke.
Heifer Calves – Lim £250 Spout House.
Breeding Cattle - Lim Cow & British White Heifer Calf: £1200 Bellart Howe.

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