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Lancaster Monday 28th May 2012

Posted Monday, 28 May 2012, 2.25pm

Bulls to £1,400 – Lambs to £92

The warm weather brought an increased entry of 1,029 Spring Lambs with keenest demand for well-fleshed lambs, with ¾ bred sorts selling to a premium. Standard lambs (32-39kg) sold to a top price of 201p/kg for best Texel lambs from E E Thornton & Sons with S T Birkett selling Suffolks to £92 and £89 from M & R W Stirzaker. The market average today of 182p/kg reflected the national trend.

Cast sheep averaged £65 reflecting the large number of small, plain hill ewes forward. Best meated ewes sold regularly £82+, topping at £97 for Suff x from T M Townley with Mules averaging £72.

An increased entry of Prime Bulls sold to a top price of 186p/kg for Luim x from J A & A G Swarbrick with young suckler bred bulls to 185p/kg for Blonde x from P whitton. £1,400 was achieved by T Potter & Son for a Lim x with others £1,315. Heavy bulls averaged £1,122 with standards £916

Clean cattle sold to a premium, topping at 212p/kg (£1,022) for a Blonde x steer from J A & J Harper with heifers to 181p/kg.

Top Prices

SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £92 Hall Croft Barn; £89 Station Hotel; £83 Kitchen Ground Farm; £80.50 New Parkside Farm; £76.50 Hallbeck; £76 North Farm. Cont: £77.50 North Farm. Char: £76 Chapelfields; £75,£74 Capernwray Hall; £74 Burrow Heights Farm, Old Glasson Farm. Texel: £88 Brown Brook; £82 Cantsfield Hall; £78 New Parkside Farm; £78,£76.50 Corney Hall Farm; £77 Hallbeck; £76.50 Downlands Farm, Booth Hall.

PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £70 Bradlow Farm; £67,£65 Madison Avenue. Texel: £80,£75 Mill House Farm; £72 Hall Croft Barn; £71 Sellerley Farm.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £97 Knowsley Farm; £92 Hall Croft Barn; £89 New Parkside Farm; £85 Chapelfields. Masham: £74 Fell End Farm. Mule: £78 Downlands Farm; £78,£76 Lonstripes; £76,£73 Chapelfields; £74 Springs Farm; £73 Hazelslack Tower. Horned: £56,£54 Fell End Farm; £54 Thornbush Farm. Charollais: £86 Howriggs. Cheviot: £69 Cock Hall Farm. Texel: £86 Chapelfields; £85 Knowsley Farm; £82 Veldor; £80 Springs Farm. Lleyn: £81 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicster: £82 Fell End Farm. Teeswater: £88,£83 Fell End Farm.

PRIME BULLS – Fr: 495p/kg Yeat House; 146.5p/kg Cautley Farm, Yeat House. Lim: 186.5p/kg, 182.5p/kg,181.5p/kg Bensons Farm; 184.5p/kg Shepherds Farm; 182.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm; 181.5p/kg Cautley Farm, Graining Field. Sim: 183.5p/kg Calcalds; 182.5p/kg Beech Tops. Blon: 185.5p/kg Beech Tops. Stab: 179.5p/kg,177.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm. BrB: 181.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.

PRIME STEERS - Blon: 212.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall. Fr: 148.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall.

PRIME HEIFERS - Lim: 181.5/kg Tewitfield Farm.

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