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Lancaster Friday 18th May 2012

Posted Friday, 18 May 2012, 3.19pm


North West Auctions Lancaster held another very successful sale with all classes of stock continuing to sell to recent high prices. Buyers present from throughout the northern counties with all types of stock in strong demand.

An entry of 254 Store Cattle sold to a top price of £1480 for a tremendous Lim x Steer from Fred Barnes, Leck whose steer was once again a purchase he made at Kendal 12 months ago earlier. Heifers sold to £1140 for the first animal in the ring, a Char x from K. Whitaker & Sons.

An entry of 26 young bulls sold to a top price of £850 for smart 9 to 11 month old Char from B D Wood, Out Rawcliffe with dairy bred to £740 for Mont x from WR & CM Lawrenson, Winmarleigh..

Cast/feeding cows & OTM cattle averaged a strong 130p/kg with best meated cows regularly 140p/kg+ topping at 164.5p/kg for Sim x from M. Dobson & Son with dairy to 157.5p/kg from A Eckersley & Son. OTM heifers sold to 194.5p/kg for BBx from TE, JS & SA Carruthers. Beef cows sold to a top prize of £1277, dairy £1300 and OTM clean £1192.

264 Breeding sheep sold to keen interest from an increased number of buyers. Mule hoggs sold to £182, £180 for strong home bred hoggs from WT & EM Townley & Son with all averaging £162. Ewes sold to £142 (£75per life) for Cont x ewes with singles from S & W Dickinson.

A special show for rearing calves attracted a strong entry with the judging undertaken by Mr D. Coates, Calder Vale. The champion rosette was awarded to a 6 week old Lim x from EE Thornton & Sons with month old bulls regularly £300+. Heifers sold £365 with TE Kidd selling Lim x & BB x to £300. Black and Whites sold to £120 with calves benefiting from having age and strength.

Another strong entry of stirks once again sold to a large crowd of buyers with more needed to meet demand. AA x steers to £515 from J R Newsham, BBx steers £500 R. Gregory, B&W Bulls £465 JR Newsham. Please note the price report, strongest trade in the region.

Please inform of entries by 2pm Monday for catalogue to help inform buyers.

Calf Show Results

1st Prize Heifer & Champion (Limx) £365 from EE Thornton purchased by D. Coates

1st Prize Bull (BBx) £358 from EA & E Lund & Son purchased by D. Coates

2nd Prize Bull (BBx) £340 from FW Rhodes & Son purchased by C. Hargreaves.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1140 Downlands; £950 Halton Park; £830 Deys Barn. Lim: £1480 Crow Trees; £1350 Whelpside; £1260 Crow Trees; £1180 Millbeck. Char: £1200 Old Woodhouse; £1190 High House. Sim: £990 Bouthwaite. Blo: £1260 Lentworth; £1140 Old Woodhouse. AA: £1200 Greenlands; £1140 Raw Head; £1110 New Parkside; £1070 Hill Top. Short: £840 Lundholme. Danish Red: £990 Bouthwaite. Welsh Black: £1090 Lower Lingart. Devon: £1100 Hill Top. Parthanaous: £1180 High House. Stabiliser: £1140 Whelpside; £790 Gibsons Farm. BB: £1240 Sand Lane; £1150 Greenlands; £860 Bouthwaite.

STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £960 Cropper Farm; £940 Cumming Carr; £850 Thursgill. Lim: £1040 Intack Farm; £990 Hazelslack Tower; £950 Hare Apple Tree; £930 New Parkside, Jolley Fold; £900 Downlands. Char: £1140 Stirzakers Farm; £1070 High House. Hfd: £940 Windy Hill; £930 Jolley Fold; £860 Grisedale. Sim: £790 Kate Farm. AA: £1110 Bouthwaite; £1040 New Parkside; £1020 Windy Hill; £990 Sandholme Farm; £960 Cropper Farm. BB: £1000 Park Farm; £900 Halton Park; £810 The Borrans; £800 Kate Farm.

STORE BULLS – Fr: £740 Cumming Carr. Lim: £740 Ouzelthorn; £720 Laneside Farm; £650 Hemplands Farm; £550 River View. Char: £850 Middle Ridge. Mont: £740 Cumming Carr.

BREEDING CATTLE – In-calf Limousin Cow: £890 Highthorn.

CAST COWS - Fr: 157.5p/kg Fairfield; 149.5 Allcocks, Holme House, High Barnes; 147.5p/kg Gardners Farm, Parkside Farm; 144.5p/kg Langthwaite Heights, Strickland Hill. Lim: 159.5p/kg Dubside; 157.5p/kg Oak Head Bank; 154.5p/kg Chapelfields. Sim: 164.5p/kg Mewith Head Hall. BB: 159.5p/kg Claughton Hall. AA: 151.5p/kg Norbreck Farm. Swedish R&W: 154.5p/kg Holme Head.

CAST HEIFERS – BB: 194.5p/kg Red Scar. Fr: 161.5p/kg Boon Town; 149.5p/kg High Barnes, Thursgill; 147.5p/kg Parkside Farm. Lim: 169.5p/kg Isle of Skye Farm. AA: 164.5p/kg Broad Oak. Saler: 159.5p/kg Low House.

BULL CALVES – Fr: £120 Booth Hall; £105 Lower Brow Top; £82 Rose Farm; £62 Pump House; £50 Bannister Farm. Lim: £390 Downlands; £280 New Brows; £255 Rose Farm. Sim: £300 Manor Farm. AA: £255 Rose Farm. BB: £358 Pump House; £340 Barrow Greaves; £380 New Brows.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £395 Downlands; £300 Booth Hall; £195 New Brows; £180 Rose Farm. AA: £175 Rose Farm. BB: £300 Booth Hall.

BULL STIRKS - Fr: £415 Ashslack Hall; £390 Cock Hall; £355 Mansrigg Hall; £340 Cock Hall. Lim: £475 Hemplands Farm; £415 Boon Town. Swedish R&W: £360 Ashlack Hall.

BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £465 Sellerley Farm. Lim: £360 Sellerley Farm. Sim: £440 Farmdale. AA: £515 Sellerley Farm. BB: £500 Coverdales; £410 Farmdale.

HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £265 Boon Town.

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