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Kendal Tuesday 29th May 2012

Posted Wednesday, 30 May 2012, 3.22pm

With the lamb trade being easier throughout the country, a sharper trade than anticipated was achieved with an overall average of 179.98p/kg. Standard lambs averaged 187.41p/kg and Lightweight lambs (up to 32kg) averaged 211.29p/kg.

Standard lambs were up to 213p/kg for a pen of 36kg Texel x lambs from Messrs Atkinson, Endmoor. Many more 36-40kg export type lambs could have been sold, with buyers having plenty of orders for those types of lambs.

Heavy lambs were the hardest to place with very little difference between a 42kg lambs and a 45-46kg lamb. Heavy lambs averaged 176.85p/kg

A larger show of Hoggs forward, being predominantly horned hoggs, averaged 134.91p/kg

Cast Sheep

All classes of Cast Sheep were easier on the week with buyers very cautious of over fat sheep. Plainer horned ewes were the easiest to place. Plenty were £50-£55 a head. Cast ewes topped at £99 and a top price of £101 was achieved for a Leicester ewe from Messrs Thwaites of Tebay.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Texel: £80 Red Scar; £79 Patton Mill Farm, Old Croft; £76.50 Stubb Farm; £76 Long Street Farm; £75 Cockrigg Farm. Suffolk: £77 Birks Farm; £76 Head House, Birks Farm; £75 Hollins Farm, Cracalt Farm; £74 Hawkrigg End. Cont: £74.50 Crooklands Farm. Charollais: £74,£72 Hill Farm; £71,£70 Strickland Tenement. Dorset: £67 Crooklands Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Texel: £80 Harrison Farm; £72 Longstreets; £63 Beck House. Mule: £90,£72 Harrison Farm. Herdwick: £54,£52 Tilberthwaite. Suffolk: £54 Harrison Farm. Horned: £47.50,£45 Eskew Beck.

Cast Ewes: Leic: £101 Eskew Beck; £96 Hollin Wood; £74 Tongue House Farm. Texel: £97,£95 Spital Farm; £96 Hawkrigg End; £93 Hollins Farm; £80 Hollin Wood. Cont: £99 Eskew Beck; £90 High Deepslack; £89 Long Streets Farm; £86(ram) High Deepslack; £85 Hallbeck; £84(ram) Tree Tops; £82 Middleshaw Hall. Suffolk: £97,£88 Crooklands Farm. Tees: £89 Low Garths. Rough: £85(ram) Poppy Farm; £78 Steps Farm; £76 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £76 Lowgill Farm; £75 Crooklands Farm; £74 Coach House; £73 Hallbeck, Hollins Farm; £70 Harrison Farm. Cheviot: £73 School House. Masham: £72,£54 Mosergh Farm. Swaledale: £54 Eskew Beck; £53 Old School House; £52 The Galleon.

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