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Kendal Tuesday 08/05/12

Posted Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 2.41pm

As lamb numbers start to increase handy weight lambs certainly commanded a premium price with a smart pen of 34 kilo Texel x lambs from AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb which sold for £82 per head (241p/kg). Commercial Texel & Suffolk types 40-42kg were regularly 210-220p/kg, whilst heavy lambs proved the hardest to sell averaging 195.26p/kg and leaving an overall market average for lambs of 208.45p/kg.

A very mixed show of predominantly hill bred hoggs were put to the usual ringside of buyers with the exception of regular supporter Mr Andrew Dawson who we all wish a speedy recovery following his accident at the weekend. On the whole the hogg trade saw very little change on the week with hoggs nicely finished being a good trade leaving an overall average of 186.42p/kg.

Once again a good show of cast sheep were forward and all classes being dearer on the week. Ewes topped at £114 a head for a pen of Suffolks from Mr R Batty, Redhills and £118 for a Texel ram from K Thomas, Hill Top. Ewes just in the right condition and not carrying excess fat were good to sell with thicker ewes being harder to sell. All classes of horned ewes were very good to sell with one or two orders for plainer grazing ewes certainly helping the trade. Overall average £66.27.

An increased entry of pigs compared to last month’s sale with the majority being weaners and store pigs. Seasonal popularity saw an increase in demand with 14 active buyers which helped with a buoyant trade throughout.

Cast boars and sows sold to their true value and well into the seventies. Store pigs were in strong demand selling to £68 from Mark Bennett with the majority of stores selling between £50 and £60. A special show was held and the first prize for weaners was awarded to JG & H Miller for a pen of cracking Peitrains selling for £48 to JA Dixon. Weaners sold to a decent trade with most good well fleshed sorts selling between £28 to £32.

A big thank you goes to our pre-sale judge John Poole of Penrith.


1st JG & M Miller £48
2nd JG & M Miller £30
3rd JP Streit £25

1st M Bennett £62
2nd C Barr £45
3rd M Bennett £68

Sows & Boars
1st J Noble £78
2nd M Bennett £70

Next sale monthly pig sale will be held on Tuesday 12th June, please advise the office of entries for advertising.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £92, £88 Ackenthwaite; £88.50, £88 Hawkrigg End; £85 Hollins, Low Brundrigg; £84.50 Carlingwha. Texel: £95 Cracalt; £86.50 Carlingwha; £84.50 Low Brundrigg; £83 Stubb Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £90 Benson Hall; £84 Clawthorpe Lodge; £82 Lynacres, Spital Farm; £80.50 Millness Hall; £78.50 Beech Tops. Mule: £81 Moss Howe; £72.50 The Galleon; £70 Far Orrest. Horned: £72 The Galleon. Leicester: £80 Moss Howe. Herdwick: £63 Beech Tops. Masham: £79 Steps Farm. Dorset: £68 Viewpoint.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £114 Redhills; £94 Salterwath Farm. Cont: £109 Crook Hall; £96 Woodside; £95 Spital Farm; £91 Dubside. Masham: £60 Grandy Barn. Mule: £88 High Wray; £87 High Underbrow, Todds Farm; £86 Singleton Park, Far Orrest. Swaledale: £76 Middle Sadghyll; £70 Troughton Hall. Rough Fell: £89 Midfield; £82 Gaisgill Row; £79 Singleton Park; £78 Low House. Horned: £72 Gateside Farm; £60 The Park; £59 Crook Hall. Chev: £98 Green Head. Texel: £98 Audlands Park; £93 Hill Top; £83 Todds Park, Troughton Hall, High Wray Farm; £80 Spital Farm. Leicester: £112 Troughton Hall; £102 Moss Howe; £87 Boundary Beck.
CAST RAMS – Cont: £118 Hill Top; £108 Crook Hall; £96 Brodge Stone.
PIGS – Cast Sows & Boars: £78, £68 Stoney Head Hall; £70 Ellonby Hall. Store Pigs: £68, £62 Ellonby Hall; £60, £50 Baldmire; £45 Crook Barn. Weaners: £48, £40 Smith Garth; £40, £32 Low Fell End; £32 Redbank Farm; £32, £28 Holme Head; £30 Crook Barn; £28 Berrier End.

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