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Kendal Thursday 10/05/12

Posted Friday, 11 May 2012, 1.04pm

North West Auctions Kendal held its fortnightly sale with 97 forward selling to a competitive trade throughout. The day’s top price of £1,010 was paid for a Lim x bullock from M W & M R Black with other strong steers £980, £970 for Sim x from L A & M Lambert. Heifers sold to £950 for best BB x from H E & R M Taylforth selling for bulling. Younger yearling cattle sold to £855 for Lim x bullocks from H E & R B Taylforth with bulls to £800 from R J & P Metcalfe.

Cast/OTM cows sold to 171p/kg. Best meated cows regularly 120p/kg and OTM clean cattle sold to £1,152 for heifers from I & A J Armer. Cows levelled at a wonderful overall average of 140.3p/kg.

A smaller show of calves sold to a competitive trade with many buyers leaving empty handed.

Entries for the next sale on Thursday 24th May are requested by Thursday 17th May for advertising.

BULL CALVES – Fr: £72,£68,£65 Natland Park.
HEIFER STIRKS – Ang: £330 Borwick Fold Farm.
BULL & STEER STIRKS – Ang: £315, £250 Borwick Fold Farm.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1010,£950,£855 Scroggs Farm; £955 West Plain Farm; £855 Riddings Farm; £795 High Low Wood. Sim: £980,£970,£750 Brow Head. Ang: £840,£820,£805,£785 Archers Hall. Blo: £840,£705,£705 Low House. Bri Blue: £795 Riddings Farm, High Low Wood.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £935,£905,£830,£805 Clogger Beck; £885,£795 Bowkerstead; £840 West Plain Farm; £790 Scroggs Farm. Bri Blue: £950 Bowkerstead. Ang: £705 Wallenrigg Farm.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £800 Crook Hall; £735 Low Newton Farm. Sim: £640 High Skelgill.
CAST COWS – Fr: 139.5p/kg Middle Birkby; 129.5p/kg Far Audlands; 118.5p/kg,106.5p/kg Holmescales; 100.5p/kg Barrowfield. Lim: 151.5p/kg Audlands Park; 144.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 136.5p/kg Far Orrest; 121.5p/kg Hollin Hill; 118.5p/kg High Skelgill. Sim: 149.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 145.5p/kg Tongue House Farm; 141.5p/kg Holmescales Farm. BB: 138.5p/kg Audlands Park; 129.5p/kg Hollin Hill. Ang: 125.5p/kg Tongue House Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – Sim:.171.5p/kg Yew Tree Farm. Lim: 167.5p/kg Yew Tree Farm, Bowston Hall; 158.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 143.5p/kg Fell House. Fr: 132.5p/kg Middle Birkby Farm. BB: 145.5p/kg Rinkfield.
CAST BULLS & STEERS – FR:154.5p/kg, 147.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall; 133.5p/kg Far Audlands.

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