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Lancaster Monday 30/04/12

Posted Monday, 30 April 2012, 3.52pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart saw an increase in stock forward this week with vendors leaving satisfied.

Spring lambs sold to £96.50 for Texel x from Stephen Boow with others at £94.50 from Alan Bradshaw. 233p/kg was the day’s top price for Texel x from T Robinson with Suffolks to 231p from WN & D Smith & Sons.

Prime hoggs sold to £88 for Texel x from RS & MI Kellet and 203p/kg for Cheviot x from AG Butler.

Please note that next week spring lambs will be sold before the prime hoggs.

Cast sheep averaged a pleasing £76.48 with best Continentals to £107 (av. £95) Suffolks £99 (av. £82) and Mules sold to £80. Hill sheep topped at £77 for Swaledale ewes.

A slight increase in prime bulls forward sold to a top price of 199.5p/kg for Limousin x from Mrs JA Airey and £1252.13 for a Limousin from J & D Barton & Son.

Please inform us of prime cattle entries if possible, it does help.

Top Prices
– Suffolk: £93 Highfield Farm, Chapelfields; £90 Cocker House; £85.50 Barrow Greaves. Cont: £85 Chapelfields. Char: £90 Low Foulshaw; £84.50 Springfield. Texel: £96.50 Corney Hall; £94.50 Moss House Farm; £93 Greenwoods, Springs Farm; £90 Barrow Greaves.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £86 Mill House; £82 Maddison Avenue, Hall Croft; £80 The Dingle; £79 Weavers Farm. Masham: £78 Parks Farm Barn. Mule: £78 Longstripes, Medlar Hall; £77.50 Sowerby Lodge. Rough Fell: £75 Parks Farm Barn. Horned: £64 Thornbush; £62 Ouzelthorn. Char: £79 Parks Farm Barn. Chev: £82 Weavers Farm; £78 Sowerby Lodge. Texel: £88 Mill House; £85 Parks Farm Barn; £83 Springs Farm; £82.50 Moorville.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £101 Sellerley Farm; £100 Highfield Farm; £98 Ewan Mill; £94 Mill House, The Dingle; £92 Corney Hall. Lleyn: £90 Low Foulshaw. Suffolk: £99 The Dingle; £88 Cautley Farm; £85 Low Woodedge, Hazelslack Tower; £83 Hall Croft. Char: £107 Low Foulshaw. Mule: £80 Hall Croft; £75 Knowsley Farm, Low Woodedge; £74 Mill House, The Dingle, Cautley Farm. Horned: £77 High House.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 199.5p/kg Old Croft; 189.5p/kg Calcalds; 183.5p/kg High House, Bensons Farm; 182.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Char: 183.5p/kg Bensons Farm. Sim: 174.5p/kg Calcalds. AA: 179.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Stabiliser: 183.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. Brit Blue: 182.5p/kg Larbreck Hill; 178.5p/kg Bensons Farm; 175.5p/kg High House.
PRIME HEIFERS – Piemontese: 179.5p/kg Village Farm.

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