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Lancaster Good Friday 06/04/12

Posted Saturday, 07 April 2012, 11.23am

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had yet another very successful sale of store stock this week with an increased number of buyers present from throughout the northern counties.

The day commenced with the sale of cast/feeding cows with all cattle averaging 136p/kg topping at 187.5p/kg for a Limousin x from D & DW Prickett, Farleton House and £1203 for an AA x from JW Robinson & Son, Green Close.

Store cattle continue to sell to a packed ringside of buyers wanting all types of cattle. Steers averaged £971 selling to £1350 for Limousin x from EJ Ward & Sons, Intack. Heifers peaked at £1150 for again for Limousins this time from MG & J Parker, Lodge Farm. Younger summering cattle were keenly competed for with many more needed to meet the strong demand.

A smaller show of calves were easily sold with young Limousin bulls to £335 form Kirkhams Cheese, Beesley Farm with others selling at £330. Only one heifer calf this week being a 3 week old Angus selling for £225 from R 7 A Battarbee, Newhouse. Stirks sold to a top price this week of £580 for 4 British Blue bullocks from Messrs Young, Moss End with Limousin heifer stirks selling for £515 from I Gleave, Firtree Cottage.

A larger entry of 286 sheep sold to a buoyant trade with plenty of buyers present unable to fill their trailers. Older sheep sold to £212 for Texel ewes and Twins from G & M Robinson, Longfield House with others at £210 from E Parker, Marsh House. Suffolk x ewes sold to £200 with a good run of 3/4 crop ewes with twins from PR & HJ Marginson, Northwood. Older Mule ewes regularly selling to £180+ topping at £185 from B & J Preston, Ellers. The first of the shearlings coming forward selling to £228 (£76/life) from JG Stackhouse with others £160 (£80/life) from RH & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorn.

More breeding sheep are needed each week to meet strong buyers demand. Please advise any entries for the catalogue by 2pm Mondays.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1140 Hall Beck; £1100 Cock Hall; £1030 Moss House; £1020 Staffords Farm; £1010 Hall Beck. Lim: £1350 Intack Farm; £1290 Ivy Farm; £1280 Arrow Lane; £1250 Hall Beck, High House. Char: £1180 Raw Head; £1140 Beck Farm; £1110 Old Woodhouse; £1050 Myerscough Hall. Hfd: £1180 Cock Hall. Blonde: £1140 Cock Hall. AA: £1290 Spital Farm; £1240 Whinmore Fold Farm; £1220 Myerscough Hall. Shorthorn: £1120 Bouthwaite. BB: £1320 Wood Lane Farm; £1290 Raw Head; £1270 Myerscough Hall; £1140 Beck Farm; £1100 New Ridge Farm; £1060 Chapel House. Swedish R&W: £890 Grisedale Farm. Longhorn: £730 High Underbrow.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £1040 Singleton Grange; £1010 Marlholes. Lim: £1150 Lodge Farm; £1140 Bouthwaite; £1100 Gaskell House; £1070 Park Farm; £1040 Cross House. Char: £1140 High House; £1060 Walmsley Fold; £940 Jolley Fold; £720 Grate Farm. Hfd: £940 Jolley Fold. Sim: £800 Cooper House; £770 Eskew Beck. Blonde: £1070 Park Farm; £740 Houlker Barn. AA: £1100 Lodge Farm; £1090 Bouthwaite; £1040 Sandholme Farm; £1020 Brow Foot, Croft House. Welsh Black: £1010 Cropper Farm. BB: £1100 Walmsley Fold; £980 Snapewood Farm; £900 Cooper House, Cross House Farm. Bazadaise: £1010 Cropper Farm.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £780 River View; £670 Hemplands Farm; £540 Ancliffe Hall.
BREEDING CATTLE – In-calf Limousin Cow: £1200 Wardfield.
CAST COWS – Fr: 149.5p/kg Cross Ghyll; 139.5p/kg Chapel House; 137.5p/kg Westfield House; 134.5p/kg Manor Farm, Stubb Hall, Warton Grange Farm. Lim: 187.5p/kg Farleton House; 167.5p/kg Shepherds Farm; 159.5p/kg Hall Croft Barn; 149.5p/kg Croziers Croft. Hfd: 141.5p/kg Beck Farm. AA: 161.5p/kg Green Close; 151.5p/kg Croziers Croft.
CAST BULLS – 159.5p/kg Houlker Barn Farm.
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £145 Tills Farm; £138 Holly House; £110 Beesley Farm. Lim: £335 Beesley Farm. AA: £330 Newhouse Farm; £290 Beesley Farm. BB: £580 Moss End Farm.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £515 Firtree Cottage; £490 Moss End Farm. AA: £225 Newhouse Farm. BB: £500 Moss End Farm.

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