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Lancaster Easter Monday 09/04/12

Posted Tuesday, 10 April 2012, 9.29am

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart are pleased to report that all classes of prime stock were in strong demand at their popular early morning sale. Prime hoggs saw an increase of 10p/kg on the week averaging a pleasing 205p/kg with best export types 210p/kg+ topping at 246p/kg for 38kg Texel x from J & H Davis, Weavers Farm. £97 was the top price per head achieved for Texel x from RJ Byron, Moorville.

Spring lambs sold to 261p/kg for Texel x form S Rossall, Stonehead with Suffolks to 254p/kg from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House. The day’s top price was £107 again for Texel x from Steve Rossall.

Cast sheep sold to a staggers trade with numbers far short of buyers requirements. £144 was achieved for Texel x from KM Baxter, Bibbys Farm with a further 6 lots over £100 for Mule, Suffolk and Cheviot ewes.

Prime cattle sold to a continually strong trade with steers to 179.5p/kg (£1287.02) and heifers to 171.5p/kg (£1262.24) both Blues from R & DM Rossall, Abrahams Farm. Prime bulls topped at 199.5p/kg for British Blue x from TD & A Gardner, Larbreck Hill and £1076 from E & N Wright & Sons, Allcocks Farm.

Please advise entries of prime bulls and clean cattle it does help us to inform buyers.

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £92 Weavers Farm; £88 North Farm; £87 Throstle Grove. Mule: £84 Weavers Farm, Parks Farm Barn; £80 Moorville. Horned: £80 Parks Farm Barn. Char: £93 North Farm; £92 Throstle Grove; £88 Parks Farm Barn. Chev: £94.50 Weavers Farm; £93 North Farm; £88.50 Underley Estate. Texel: £97 Moorville; £94 Weavers Farm, North Farm; £89 Cottams Farm, Parks Farm Barn.
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £103 Cocker House Farm, Springfield Farm. Texel: £107 Stonehead.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £142 Wardfield Farm. Mule: £101 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £96 Wardfield Farm, Gaskell House; £89 Croziers Croft. Horned: £69 Croziers Croft. Chev: £108 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £93 Underley Estate. Texel: £144 Bibbys Farm; £120 Head Dyke Farm; £114 Sand Lane; £96 Stirzakers Farm.
PRIME BULLS – BB: 199.5p/kg Larbreck Hill; 189.5p/kg Allcocks Farm. Lim: 184.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Fr: 171.5p/kg Allcocks Farm. PRIME HEIFERS – BB: 171.5p/kg Abrahams Farm. PRIME BULLOCKS – BB: 179.5p/kg Abrahams Farm.

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