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Kendal Tuesday 24/04/12

Posted Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 2.57pm

Ewes with Lambs at Foot
Ewes & Lambs continue to sell to keen interest with buyers for all types on offer. Best ewes with twins sold to £182 for aged Texels from JF & N Strickland & Son, with others to £175, £170 for broken mouthed ewes with twins from TW Gorst. Younger sheep sold to £66/life from D Knipe.

Prime Lambs
Following in line with the national trend Spring lambs proved harder to place today with very few firms wanting any quantity of lambs yet. Lambs topped at 221p/kg twice for Hampshires from J & O Galbraith & Son and Suffolks from RJ & KR Wilkinson. A top price per head of £97 for Suffolk x from FE & CM Robinson. The sale levelled at 213.4p/kg.

Prime Hoggs
A very mixed show of hoggs were forward as vendors come to the end of their consignments. The best export type hoggs still over the £2/pg mark but on the whole a lot of hill bred hoggs regularly 170-180p/kg and leaving a market average of 187.69p/kg.

Cast Sheep
Once again a large entry of cast sheep were forward for sale to an increased ringside of buyers with one or two men now looking for grazing ewes. A large proportion of the sheep on offer were hill bred and these continue to look extremely dear. The best Continental ewes still regularly in excess of £100 with Mule & Mashams £80-£90.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £97 Warth Sutton; £92 High Foulshaw; £85 Toadpool. Char: £93 Moss Howe. Hampshire: £88 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £88 Warth Sutton; £84 Brow Head.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £90 Hyning. Mule: £80 Low Longmire; £78 Moss Howe. Char: £78 Low Garths; £76 Gowan Bank. Chev: £74.50 Hollin Wood. Texel: £90 North Lodge; £88 Underhelm; £86 Bonfire Hall; £83 Brow Head, Western Houses. Leicester: £87 Low Longmire. Herdwick: £60 Moss End.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £88 Mint Close. Cont: £112 The Borrans; £98 Crook End; £94 North Lodge. Masham: £88 Low Audlands; £86 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £97 Low Stennerley; £88 Moor House; £87 Hyning, Mint Close. Swaledale: £72 Cooper House; £71 Low Stennerley, Middle Sadghyll, Low Longmire. Rough Fell: £86 Sedbergh Road; £85 Mosergh Farm; £79 High Borrowbridge. Horned: £69 Gaisgill Row. Chev: £93 Bowers Farm; £77 Crabtree Farm; £75 Gilpin Farm. Texel: £115 Oldfield End; £100 Gilpin Farm, Old Croft; £96 Gaisgill Row, Low Sizergh; £82 Topthorn Farm. Leicester: £121 Moss Howe; £103 Helm Croft. Dalesbred: £68 Low Audlands. Herdwick: £53 Troughton Hall; £50 Ashlack Hall.
CAST RAMS – Cont: £122 Moor House; £105 Ackenthwaite. Swaledale: £76 High Borrowbridge. Char: £96 Bowers Farm. Texel: £104 Moor House. Leicester: £80 Gowan Bank

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