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Kendal Tuesday 17/04/12

Posted Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 11.49am

Spring Lambs
11 lambs forward to £107 for a pair of Texel x lambs from Messrs T W Nelson & Son of Cockrigg, being purchased by Lancaster Meat Company. Lambs averaged 251.27p/kg. More lambs are needed to meet increased demand from buyers.

Prime Hoggs
A very mixed show of hoggs were forward to the usual ringside of buyers with light and standard weight hoggs greatly sought after. Regularly being 220-230p/kg for all weights. Heavy and over weight hoggs were once again the hardest to cash, being round the 170-180p/kg.

Cast Sheep
A much plainer show of cast sheep forward this week but all sheep were easily sold with, once again, the best continental sheep regularly in excess of £110 and topping on several occasions at £114. Mule & Masham ewes continue to sell well with plainer ewes regularly £90 - £99. Horned ewes also good to sell with plenty of Rough Fell and Swaledale ewes in excess of £80 a head topping at £87 for some horned ewes from Messrs E & J Postlethwaite, Middleshaw. Overall av. £78.41.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £100 Low Brundrigg. Texel: £107 Cockrigg Farm; £99 Low Brundrigg.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £88 West Plain Farm; £85 Chambers Tenement; £83 Kate Farm. Masham: £75 Hollin Wood. Mule: £83 Beech Tops, Garnett House; £79.50 Hollin Wood. Horned: £87 Bracken Hill; £82 Millness Hall; £74 Moss End. Char: £77 Pye Bridge; £75 Garnett House. Texel: £95.50 High Wray Farm; £95 Underhelm; £93 Low House; £92 Low Gregg Hall; £90 West Plain Farm; £87 Beech Tops; £83.50 Hollin Wood. Herdwick: £71.50 Moss End.
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £114 Ackenthwaite; £112 The Borrans; £108 Chamers Tenement; £94 (ram) Pyes Bridge. Cont: £110 (ram) Lowgill Farm; £108 Western Houses; £96 Middleshaw Hall; £93 Kate Farm; £82 Milness Hall. Mule: £99 Ackenthwaite; £96 Benson Hall, Hill Farm; £94 East Ridding, Garnett House, Wray Farm, Low Brundrigg, West Plain Farm; £92 Larkrigg. Swaledale: £80 Helm Croft; £64 High Carlingill; £60 Low Hundhowe. Rough Fell: £83 High Carlingill; £68 Woodside. Horned: £87 Middleshaw Hall; £52 Moss End Farm. Chev: £80 Winterscales Farm; £72 Kate Farm. Texel: £114 (ram) Garnett Folds; £111 (ram) Wray Farm; £100 West Plain Farm; £98 Garnett House; £89 Cockrigg; £80 Moss End Farm.

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