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Kendal Tuesday 03/04/12

Posted Friday, 06 April 2012, 1.50pm

Only one Spring lamb forward today from Miss S Waller, Beckside Barn selling for £94 to Lancaster Meat Company.

A very mixed show of hoggs were forward with export types the easiest to sell with 38-40kg hoggs regularly 225-230p/kg with a top of 232p/kg. Heavy hoggs were harder to cash with very limited markets available but still a very respectable average of 204.35p/kg was achieved.

Cast Sheep once again saw a rise on the week with ewes peaking at £148 for a Texel x ewe from J & M Wilson, Cooper House selling to A Ditta, Accrington. Continental ewes were regularly away at £120-£130. Suffolks x sold to £114 for a big pen of ewes from Messrs Bland, Ninezergh and Mules to £110 with plenty £95-£105. Horned ewes sold to £84 for a pen of Swaledales from JA Bennett, Middale with the majority of plain horned ewes between £55-£65. Plenty more sheep could have been sold to meet buyers orders.

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £98 Scroggs Farm; £94 Lambrigg Head; Kendal House; £90.50 Ewan Mill; £88 Hood Ridding, Fellfoot Farm. Lleyn: £86 Bellingham Road. Teeswater: £99 Murthwaite. Suffolk: £90 Hood Ridding; £87.50 Hawes Farm; £80 Low Woodedge. Masham: £86 Middale Farm. Mule: £84 Kendal House. Swaledale: £64 Keskadale. Chev: £73 Green Lane End.

CAST EWES – Suffolk: £114 Ninezergh; £90 Hawes Farm. Cont: £120 Spital Farm; £112 Low Barrows Green; £86 Scroggs Farm; £80 Cinder Barrow. Mule: £100 Cinder Barrow; £99 Hawes Farm; £98 Warth Sutton, Lambrigg Head, Raw Head; £97 Deansbiggin, Steel Croft; £96 Ninezergh; £95 Cracalt; £94 Scroggs Farm. Swaledale: £84 Middale Farm; £77 Low Deepslack; £76 Cooper House, Middle Sadghyll. Chev: £64 Green Lane End. Texel: £148 Cooper House; £122 Stubb Farm; £120 Steel Croft; £110 Deansbiggin, Ashslack Hall. Teeswater: £114 Murthwaite. Herdwick: £55 Troughton Hall; £52 Ashslack Hall.

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