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Lancaster Friday 30/03/12

Posted Friday, 30 March 2012, 4.32pm

An excellent show of store cattle at Lancaster today and this reflected in a fantastic trade throughout with all steers forward averaging £970 and heifers £850. An excellent consignment of Continental bullocks and heifers from Jim Clark, New Hall saw a Limousin steer smash the Auction’s record selling for £1620. This big quality steer sold to regular buyer Mr Frank Towers. Heifers sold to £1190 again Jim Clark for a pair of Limousin heifers. A good trade throughout with summering cattle and stirks very keenly sought after.

Cast/Feeding cows & OTM cattle averaged a very impressive 137p/kg with the majority forward today being dairy cows which topped at 157.5p/kg from AJ & SW Metcalfe, Holme House. Continental cows topped at 177.5p/kg for a Blue from TC Altham & Sons, Mill Bank. Cast heifers averaged 154p/kg and peaked at 164.5p/kg for a Friesian from H Wright & Son, Berryholme. OTM Steers sold to £1377.14 for a Limousin from TC Altham & Sons.

A younger show of calves came forward this week and continue to be a brisk trade for all classes on offer. Angus bull calves sold to £348 from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End and averaged over £285. Angus heifers from the same vendor sold to £245. Young Black & White bulls were a strong trade selling to £90 from Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall. Stirks were again in strong demand topping at £545 for a good Simmental heifer for Messrs Dobson, Mewith Head Hall.

Sheep with Lambs sell to full value
A good show of mainly aged ewes with lambs at foot sold to their full value at Lancaster today. Suffolk ewes with strong Texel lambs sold to £195 & Mule Shearlings sucking twins Texels sold to £218 from G & M Robinson, Longfield House.

Top Prices
STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1250 Hawkrigg End; £1070 Poplar Grove; £1060 Moss View, Wyre Farm; £990 Cock Hall. Lim: £1620 New Hall; £1360 Low Levens; £1300 High House. Char: £1430 High House; £1260 Sand Gate Farm, Millbeck. Hfd: £1180 High Green; £1120 Weavers Farm; £890 Farmdale. Sim: £1420 Sullom Side.; £1150 Intack Farm; £1130 Millbeck; £1110 Wyre Farm; £1100 Weavers Farm; £1040 Weavers Farm. Blonde: £1210 Millbeck; £900 Stubb Hall. AA: £1360 Low Levens; £1330 Cock Hall; £1300 Lodge Farm; £1280 Hare Appletree, High Green; £1180 Squires Gate. Shorthorn: £1040 Weavers Farm. MRI: £920 Middle Ridge. Devon: £780 Birch Croft. Stabiliser: £1140 Millbeck; £1080 Bouthwaite. BB: £1220 High House; £1200 Cockrigg; £1140 Sand Gate; £1100 Fell End; £1070 Stubbins Farm. Mont: £1000 White Lund Farm. Bazadaise: £1080 Millbeck. Swedish R&W: £1060 Fanny House; £880 Ellers Farm; £490 Pilling Lane. Devon: £1030 Weavers Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1130 Lodge Farm; £650 Cottams Farm. Lim: £1190 New Hall; £1100 Nutgill; £1080 Milton Moor; £1070 Jolley Fold; £1060 Moss View; £1040 Cockrigg. Char: £1090 Bouthwaite; £1070 Hawkrigg End; £960 Gaskell House; £900 Ladyacre. Sim: £1020 Lawsons Farm. Blonde: £1130 Nutgill; £850 Stubb Place. AA: £1090 Gaskell House; £1070 Jolley Fold; £980 Cropper Farm, Moss View, Milton Moor; £970 Well House. BB: £1150 Wharfe Farm; £1140 Hare Appletree; £1050 Nutgill; £1000 Moss View, Bouthwaite.
CAST COWS – Fr: 157.5p/kg Holme House, Whittington Farm; £154.5p/kg High House; 147.5p/kg Cocker House Farm; 144.5p/kg Lane Ends, Parkside Farm. Lim: 137.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Char: 137.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Hfd: 147.5p/kg Corney Hill; 144.5p/kg Ladyacre. Sim: 159.5p/kg Intack Farm; 137.5p/kg Dubside. BB: 177.5p/kg Mill Bank. Ayrshire: 144.5p/kg High House. AA: 154.5p/kg Moss View. Brown Swiss: 144.5p/kg Parkside Farm. Swedish R&W: 134.5p/kg Holme Head.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 164.5p/kg Berryholme; 159.5p/kg Bank End; 139.5p/kg Whittington Farm. Ayrshire: 141.5p/kg Rose Farm. AA: 161.5p/kg Stubbins Farm.
OTM STEERS – Lim: 151.5p/kg Mill Bank.
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £240 New Brows Farm; £215 Borwick Fold; £90 Catshaw Hall; £80 Holly House. Lim: £505 Mewith Head Hall; £320 New Brows. Sim: £465 Mewith Head Hall. Blonde: £205 Farleton House. AA: £348 Bank End; £110 Dale Barns. Shorthorn: £150 Borwick Fold. Norwegian Red: £68 Dale Barns. BB: £340 Borwick Fold.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £455 Mewith Head Hall; £220 New Brows. Sim: £545 Mewith Head Hall; £180 Manor Farm. AA: £245 Bank End. BB: £380 Borwick Fold.
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT – Texel Shearlings with Twins: £218 Longfield House. Mule Ewes with Twins: £188 Longfield House; £182 Ellers Farm; £175 Moss End Farm. Suffolk Ewes with Twins: £195 Longfield House. Texel Ewes with Twins (u/o): £192 Ellers Farm. Mule Ewes with Singles (u/o): £138 Ellers Farm. Mule Shearlings with Singles: £135 Moss End Farm.

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