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Lancaster Friday 16/03/12

Posted Friday, 16 March 2012, 4.22pm


A fantastic 22 month old powerful Limousin sold for £1530 at Lancaster today. The steer was consigned by regular vendor David Moorhouse, High House Farm and was purchased by David Sandham. This was closely followed by another Limousin bullock from the same home selling at £1470 to the same buyer. Heifers topped at £1240 for a pair of Shorthorns from H Gorst, Shaws Farm to M Atkinson, Beck Hill. Store cattle continue to be a buoyant trade with many big Continental steers selling around the £1200 mark. Continental heifers regularly sold into four figures and a strong well fleshed Holstein Friesian heifer from SJ Brass, Nutgill made £1150. Longer keep turning out cattle appeared to be the dearest trade with quality Continental bullocks from 10-15 months old regularly selling towards £900 as many buyers look to fill orders for grass cattle.

In the Cast Cow & OTM ring there was an entry of over 80 cattle. The day’s trade was topped by an excellent pure British Blue cow from MS & HA Watson, Barrow House selling for 214.5p/kg (£1602) to Mr C Anderson. A Limousin bull from ST Birkett, Hall Croft barn also broke the £2 per kilo selling at 201.5p/kg. Over thirty month cattle continue to be a strong trade with dairy cows averaging 131p/kg, Continental cows 150.5p/kg and heifers 160p/kg.

An abundance of calves continue to sell to the recent high prices with all types on offer today. Beef calves sold to £405 (twice) for BBx bulls from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End with Montbeliard x to £355 from C Wilson, Nether Hall. A smaller show of heifer calves sold to £205 for AAx from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite. Best Black & White’s continue to reach £100+ with most calves today very young rearers generally £58-£90. Stirks sold to a competitive trade with BB Bulls (4m) £460 and BB Heifers (4m) £425 from AJ Pye, 5 month old B&W Bulls £375.

159 breeding sheep sold to a competitive trade with more buyers present ringside. Best broken mouthed ewes with twins £192 for Suffolk x from DC Miller who sold Mashams with Twins to £185. Texel x ewes with singles sold to £152 from B & D Willison & Son, Cinderbarrow and Mules with Twins to £175. A special entry of in-lamb hoggs sold to keen interest with Mules due April to Texel selling to £150 from MJ Whitworth.

Please advise entries by 2pm Monday for catalogue.

Top Prices
CAST COWS – Fr: 169.5p/kg Myerscough Hall; 159.5p/kg Kitchen Ground, Tills Farm; 151.5p/kg Hare Apple Tree; 147.5p/kg High Snab; 144.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm; Greaves Farm; Catshaw Hall. Lim: 159.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg; 154.5p/kg Braida Garth; £144.5p/kg Hall Croft Barn. Char: 154.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg. BB: 214.5p/kg Barrow House; 187.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm; 154.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg. AA: 161.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg; 159.5p/kg Middle Lee. Saler: 137.5p/kg Braida Garth. Devon: 159.5p/kg Gilthwaiterigg. Mont: 144.5p/kg Green Lane End.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Hollins Farm; 164.5p/kg Blackleach House; 157.5p/kg High Snab; 149.5p/kg Raw End. Sim: 189.5p/kg Low Fell End.
CAST STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 177.5p/kg (utm bull); 164.5p/kg (otm str) Blackleach House; 164.5p/kg (utm bull) Hazelslack Tower. Lim: 201.5p/kg (otm bull). Sim: 197.5p/kg (otm str) Low Fell End. AA: 154.5p/kg (cast bull) High Snab. Brown Swiss: 179.5p/kg Parkside Farm.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1530 High House; £1390 Crow Trees; £1260 Millbeck; £1200 Arrow Lane. Char: £1340 Outerthwaite; £1320 High House; £1260 Millbeck; £1180 Mealsgate. Fr: £1180 Nutgill; £1160 Lower Lingart; £1060 Wyre Farm; £980 Downlands Farm. Hfd: £1170 Nutgill; £860 Fiddlers Farm. Blonde: £1450 Millbeck. AA: £1230 Green Close; £1140 Myerscough Hall; £1130 Moss House; £1090 White Lund Farm. Shorthorn: £980 Jolley Fold. Galloway: £870 Ashlack Hall. Saler: £1370 Millbeck. Char: £1390 Crow Trees. Stabiliser: £1140 Bouthwaite. BB: £1260 Bouthwaite; £1200 Arrow Lane; £1180 Mealsgate; £1170 Wood Lane Farm. Mont: £820 Johnson House. Bazadaise: £1200 Millbeck.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £1150 Nutgill; £820 Boldens Farm. Lim: £1200 Boundary House; £1140 Lower Castle O’Trim; £1080 Low Moor Head; £1070 Bouthwaite. Char: £1040 Mireside; £980 Boldens Farm; £860 Middle Ridge. Hfd: £870 Manor House. Sim: £1000 Well House Farm. Blonde: £1040 Mireside; £1010 Lower Lingart. AA: £1170 Green Close; £1150 Lodge Farm; £1070 Myerscough Hall, Bouthwaite; £1060 Well House Farm. Shorthorn: £1240 Shaws Farm. BB: £1090 Wood Lane Farm; £1050 Lodge Farm; £1020 Fell End; £1000 Lower Castle O’Trim. Bazadaise: £1030 Manor House.
STORE BULLS – Char: £1080 Gilthwaiterigg. Lim: £680 River View. AA: £450 Charnock House Farm.
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £375 Borwick Fold; £115 Catshaw Hall; £100 Endmoor; £90 Quakers Farm; £70 Tills Farm; £68 Westfield House. Lim: £300 Low Stanger Thwaite. AA: £305 Bank End; £248 Low Stanger Thwaite. Shorthorn: £325 Borwick Fold. BB: £460 Pilling Lane; £405 Bank End. Mont: £355 Nether Hall; £72 Dale Barns. Swedish R&W: £45 Low Stanger Thwaite.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – AA: £205 Low Stanger Thwaite; £195 Bank End. BB: £425 Pilling Lane.
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT – Mule Hogg In-lamb: £150 Mount Pleasant. Masham Ewes with Twins: £180 Cobble Hey. Mule Ewes with Twins: £185 Cinderbarrow. Suffolk Ewes with Twins: £192 Cobble Hey. Texel Hoggs (run with tup) £70 Hindley Green.

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