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Lancaster Friday 09/03/12

Posted Friday, 09 March 2012, 4.42pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart enjoyed a marvellous trade for all classes of stock at its popular weekly sale. All classes of stock were keenly competed for by a ringside of buyers from throughout the northern counties.

Cast/Feeding Cows & OTM Cattle sold top a very strong average of 137p/kg with well fleshed cows regularly 140p/kg+. 184.5p/kg was the day’s top price for a BBx cow from Mrs LA Booth, The Old Mistle with JE & AC Clarke, Cringleber selling to £1225. Heifers sold to 174.5p/kg (£1256) for H.F. from MJ Fell, Chapel House. Under thirty month bullocks sold to 191.5p/kg from R Townley & Son, Whinney Carr.

Store Cattle continue to sell to a buoyant trade with all bullocks averaging £940 selling to £1470 from Barlow Bros, Littlewood Hall. Heifers sold to £1360 again for Simmental x from Barlow Bros with all heifers averaging £930.

Calves & Stirks continue to sell to a fantastic trade with a superb 7 week old Limousin bull selling for £430 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House with others £300+. Heifers sold to £340 for Limousin x and AAx heifers. Younger calves £200+. Black & Whites are well worth marketing with £358 achieved for a well reared calf from G & ME Woodhouse & Sons, Boldens, plenty £160+ with all B&W’s averaging £142.

Ewes & Lambs continue to grow in number with no let up in the prices achieved. Broken mouthed Mules with twins to £205 from PS & H Eckersley, Brandwood Fold with others to £192. Singels sold to £170 for Mules with Charollais lambs from B & D Willison, Cinderbarrow.

Next weeks sale includes 24 Mule Hoggs In-lamb due end March to Texel.

Top Prices
CAST COWS – Fr: 157.5/kg Cringleber; 154.5p/kg Heaton Hall, Strickland Hill; 149.5p/kg Underhelm; 144.5p/kg Birds Park, Bank End, West Hall. Lim: 181.5p/kg Hawkswell Farm; 169.5p/kg Cringleber; 159.5p/kg Hawes Farm. Hfd: 139.5p/kg Cringleber. BB: 184.5p/kg The Old Mistle. Shorthorn: 144.5p/kg Friars Moss. Brown Swiss: 141.5p/kg Greenalls Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 174.5p/kg Chapel House, Brackenfold; 169.5p/kg West Hall; 167.5p/kg Chapel House. AA: 171.5p/kg Brow Foot. Swedish R&W: 164.5p/kg White Lund.
CAST STEERS– Fr: 179p/kg (utm) Whinney Carr; 169.5p/kg Knotts Farm. Lim: 191.5p/kg (utm) Whinney Carr.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1270 High House; £1200 Cracalt; £1190 Lentworth; £1180 Intack Farm, Carlingwha, Low Moor Head. Char: £1410 High House; £1100 Hazelslack Tower; £1090 Old Woodhouse; £1000 Ladyacre. Hfd: £1090 Fiddlers Farm; £1010 Isle of Skye Farm. Sim: £1470 Littlewood Hall; £1380 Sullom Side. Blonde: £600 Throstle Nest. AA: £1380 Sowerby Lodge; £1190 Staffords Farm; £1180 Rowell Farm; £1140 Fiddlers Farm; £1100 New Ridge Farm. Shorthorn: £990 Ashslack Hall; £870 Ladyacre. MRI: £700 Hill Dale. Blue Grey: £940 Ashlack Hall. Stabiliser: £1100 Bouthwaite. BB: £1260 Sullom Side; £1210 Bouthwaite; £1190 Brow Foot; £1080 Rowell Farm. Swedish R&W: £1130 Fanny House; £770 Intack Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £830 Turnover Hall. Lim: £1200 Far Orrest; £1170 Hazelslack Tower; £1140 Willow House; £1070 Cringleber; £1040 Brow Foot; £1040 Endmoor Farm. Char: £1200 Willow House; £1110 Bouthwaite; £930 Langthwaite Heights. Hfd: £1050 Cropper Farm; £1040 Fiddlers Farm. Sim: £1360 Littlewood Hall; £1050 Cropper Farm; £1010 Carlingwha. Blonde: £1050 Bouthwaite; £950 Cringleber; £850 Throstle Nest. BB: £1040 Lower Castle O’Trim. AA: £1080 Sowerby Lodge; £1030 Snub Snape Farm; £1020 Brow Foot; £920 Fiddlers Farm, Manor House Farm. BB: £1120 Wild Boar Farm; £1080 Orchard Heys; £1060 Bouthwaite.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £710 River View. Hfd: £670 Spital Farm. Sim: £570 Ellesmere. AA: £660 Ellesmere.
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £358 Boldens Farm; £295 Borwick Fold; £292 Pale Gate Farm; £165 Green Dragon Farm; £115 Tills Farm; £110 Brackenfold; £100 Tills Farm, North Farm. Lim: £430 Cocker House Farm; £300 Lower Brow Top. AA: £265 Bank End. BB: £500 Pilling Lane; £290 Bank End.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £340 Green Dragon Farm; £170 North Farm. AA: £340 Bank End. Welsh Black: £240 Cocker House Farm. BB: £432 Pilling Lane; £240 Bank End.
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT – Mule Ewes with Twins: £205 (u/o) Brandswood Fold; £192 Cinderbarrow. Texel Ewes with Twins: £210 Brandwood Fold; £188 Cinderbarrow. Mule Ewes with Singles: £170 Cinderbarrow.

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