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Kendal Tuesday 20/03/12

Posted Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 3.49pm

Weekly Sale of Prime Sheep

A ringside of 10 active buyers competed strongly for a small show of hoggs which saw a lift of some 8p/kg on the week.

Export type hoggs were regularly in excess of 230p/kg topping at 237p/kg for a pen of Texel x Hoggs from BJ Bowness of Kendal and also for a pen of Beltex x Hoggs from T. Ellis of New Hutton and a top price per head of £99 for a pen of hoggs from LA & M Lambert of Lupton. The majority of hill bred hoggs were also regularly over the £2 p/kg mark and this left an overall market average of 210.88p/kg.

Once again Cast Sheep continue to maintain the recent high rates. The best continental type ewes regularly £130 a head plus. Mule and Masham ewes which were not over fat saw a fantastic trade topping at £127 a head but regularly seeing them breach the £100 mark with over fat ewes £85-£95 Horned ewes also continue to sell very well topping at £90 for a pen of Rough Fell ewes.

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS - Suffolk: £97 Brow Head, £95 Woodside & Hartrigg. Continental: £84 Black Bull Cottage, £80 Brow Head. Mule: £95 Moss Howe, £94 Brow Head. Horned: £85 Forest Hall, £81 Moss Howe, £71 Nether House. Charollais: £90 Nether House & Scroggs. Cheviot: £83 Hartrigg. Texel: £99 Graythwaite Cottage, £97 Bellingham, £96 Mansergh High. Jacob: £60 Moss End Farm.
CAST EWES - Suffolk: £127 (Tup) Lane Ends, Continental: £116 Lyndarick, £92 Marsh House. Masham: £127 Low Audlands. Mule: £103 Bellingham, £98 & £96 Borrans, £96 Raw Head. Swale: £78 Gaisgill Row, £71 Low Deepslack, £70 Nether House. Rough Fell: £84 Low Greenholme & Bridgestone, £78 & £73 Lockbank. Horned: £83 & £71 Low Audlands, £60 Gaisgill Row. Charollais: £132 (Tup) Low Audlands. Cheviot: £76 & £72 Scar Sykes. Texel: £128 & £124 Gaisgill Row, £98 Moss End. Leic: £112 (Tup) Gaisgill Row.Teeswater: £114 Mosergh.

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