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Kendal Thursday 29/03/12

Posted Thursday, 29 March 2012, 3.42pm

Kendal Auction Mart held its popular fortnightly sale of store cattle, cast cows & calves and once again vendors were well pleased with prices achieved. The day started with the sale of rearing calves selling to a fantastic £405 and £390 for month old British Blue bulls from D W Cottam, Hagg Farm. Black & Whites continue to sell to full value with best reared bulls (4m) £340 from RJ & P Metcalfe, Crook Hall, all types averaging £132.

Cast cows once again maintained the recent high rates and all vendors would be pleased with their day’s trade. Black & White cattle topped at 142.5p/kg (£1061.63) from JD & M Beck, Town Foot who had a good run of Black & White cows averaging 136.45p/kg. Continental cows sold to 158.5p/kg for a Limousin from G & P Long, Millbrow. The majority of Continental cows were making 130-150p/kg. Over age clean cattle sold to 177.5p/kg (£1256.70) for a British Blue bullock from JW & HM Metcalfe & Son, Low Bracken Hall who also sold a B&W Steer at 168.5p/kg (£1238.48). The overall average was 141.71p/kg on the day.

Store cattle continue to sell to the strong prices seen throughout the country with younger suckler bred cattle particularly dear. The day’s top price of £1025 was achieved for 16 month old British Blue bullocks from FW Park, Bannerigg. Mrs E Tuer, Common Farm sold her Blue bullocks to £995. Heifers sold to £945 for Simmental x again from FW Park. A tremendous show of summering cattle sold to a keen ringside of buyers with Limousin x bullocks (10m) selling to £880 (10 av. £843) from DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall. Limousin x heifers (9m) sold to £855 from JH Barker, Stribers. Heifers suitable for breeding sold for £915 for Limousin x from Mrs E Tuer with other selling at £905. A small entry of feeding bulls sold at £735 for 8 month old Simmental & British Blue x.

Entries for the next sale on Thursday 12th April are requested by Wednesday 4th March for advertising.

STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £880 Hollin Hall; £795 Poole Bank. BB: £1025 Bannerigg; £995 Common Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £915 Common Farm; £855 Stribers Farm; £760 Hollin Hall. Sim: £945 Bannerigg; £755 Poole Bank. Shorthorn: £760 Bannerigg. BB: £905 Common Farm; £795 Bannerigg.
STORE BULLS – Sim & BB: £735 Bannerigg.
CAST COWS – Fr: 142.5p/kg Town Foot; 133.5p/kg Black Bull Farm; 127.5p/kg Ravens Lodge. Lim: 158.5p/kg Millbrow; 140.5p/kg Bridge Stone; 138.5p/kg Low Groves. Char: 144.5p/kg Ashes. BB: 151.5p/kg Common Farm; 138.5p/kg Dale End. Shorthorn: 144.5p/kg Ashstead; 128.5p/kg Abbots Reading Farm. Swedish R&W: 131.5p/kg Ravens Lodge.
OTM STEERS – BB: 177.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall. Fr: 168.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.
BULL CALVES – BB: £405 & £390 Hagg Farm. Fr: £340, £325, £315 Crook Hall; £72 Natland Park Farm; £45 Halforth Farm.

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