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Kendal Thursday 15/03/12

Posted Friday, 16 March 2012, 2.05pm
Champion Steer

Caption: Champion Limousin Steer consigned by JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

New Records set at Kendal Show & Sale.

North West Auctions Kendal held its Spring Show and Sale of cattle with a superb show put before the judge Mr Fred Barnes, Leck with buyers from throughout the northern countries and beyond in attendance all keen to secure stock.

The champion animal was a 10 month old Limousin x bullock from regular vendor JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm, which later sold for £1000being purchased by Mark Thompson, Long Preston. The days top prize of £1190 was achieved from Limousin x Bullocks from J H Barker, Ulverston with a pen of 4 Sim x Bullocks from Mrs E. Tuer at £1095. All bullocks averaged £850 being predominantly 10/11months old suckler bred cattle.

Heifers were keenly competed for by all purchasers for both breeding and finishing £1040 was the top price from a superb run of Blonde x cattle from TW & C Shepherd, Underbarrow all selling for breeding with other at £1000 from G & I D Postlethwaite, Howgill.

A larger show of young bulls sold to £955 from BBx from FW Park , Windermere with plenty 6 month old being £800 plus.


1st JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £1000 to M Thompson
2nd DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall £1000 to DE & SM Moorhouse
3rd TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall £1010 to M Cook

1st TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall £920 to PW Clarke
2nd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm £970 to PW Clarke
3rd G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings £1000 to AV Bailey

1st J & T Hunter, Moser Hill £900 to D Barker
2nd G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings £880 to D Barker
3rd J & T Hunter, Moser Hill £890 to J Bowling

The first of the beef breeding cattle of the year sold to keen interest to what is thought to be the highest price achieved at Kendal for a good few years. A superb pedigree Limousin heifer with bull calf sold for £2500. In calf British Blue x heifers sold to £1620 with in calf cows to £1390.

Breeding cattle will be sold at the beginning of every sale. Please inform of entries to enable buyers to be informed.

Cast/OTM Cattle were the dearest trade for quite some time with an average of 128 p/kg achieved for a show of predominantly dairy bred cattle. 175p/kg (£1003) was the days top price for a Limousin x cow from E & S Bower, Ulverston with OTM bullocks to 184p/kg (£1336) from JN & HM Metcalfe and Son, Gatebeck.

A quality show of calves continue to sell to an expanding ringside of buyers. £365 was achieved for a British Blue x bull and heifer from D N Cottam, New Hutton with Limousin’s to £358 from B. Wilson, Crosthwaite.

Leading Prices

BULL CALVES & STIRKS: Fr: £55 Brackenfold. Lim: £385, £318 Spout House. AA: £140 Wrayside. BB: £365 Hagg Farm.
HEIFER CALVES & STIRKS: BB: £365 Hagg Farm, £200 Strickley.
CAST COWS: Fr: 163.5p/kg Drumraik, 145.5p/kg Mountain View, 138.5p/kg 135.5p/kg Bridge End. Lim: 175.p/kg 167.5p/kg Burnley End, 136.5p/kg Brackensghyll. Sim: 136.5p/kg Brow Head. Blo: 144.5p/kg High Row. BB: 146.5p/kg Moss Howe Farm. Ayr: 114.5p/kg, 110.5p/kg Sunny Bank. SH: 132.5p/kg Strickley. Saler: 168.5p/kg Fell House. Pie: 128.p/kg High Row.
CAST BULLS & BULLOCKS: Fr: 168.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall, 159.5p/kg Bridge End. Lim: 143.p/kg Fell House. BB: 184.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.
STORE BULLOCKS: Lim: £1190 Stribers, £1030 x 2 Hollin Hall, £1020 Riddings. CH: £980, £915, £910 Hartrigg. Sim: £1095 x 4, Common Farm. Blo: £1060 Nook Farm. SH: £1070 Common Farm. Saler: £865 x 2 Fell House. Parh: £810 Millbeck. BB: £1095 Common Farm, £870 Red Scar, £785 Bannerigg.
STORE HEIFERS: Lim: £970 Poppy Farm, £925 Riddings, £920 Mutton Hall. CH: £950, £850, £800 Low Barrows Green. Sim: £870 x 4 Common Farm. Blo: £1040, £1010, £1000 Nook Farm. Part: £720 & £710. BB: £1000 Riddings, £990 Lane End, £980, Riddings.
STORE BULLS: Fr: £385 First Moss Lane. Lim: £920 & £900 Brackensghyll, £900 & £890 Moser Hill. CH: £800, £785 Dawson Fold. Sim: £870 Bannerigg, £690 Todds Farm. Blo: £740 Howe Farm. SH: £870 Bannerigg. BB: £955, £865 Bannerigg £845 Riddings.
BREEDING CATTLE: Cow & Calf: £2500 Highthorn. £1290 Bellart Howe. In Calf Heifer: Blo: £1390 & £1200 Everard Lodge. BBx: £1620 & £1320 2 Force Mill.

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