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Kendal Thursday 01/02/12

Posted Friday, 02 March 2012, 12.04pm


North West Auctions Kendal held its fortnightly sale of Store & Breeding stock with all classes selling to a competitive trade with new buyers in attendance. OTM/ Cast Cows sold to an overall average of 124p/kg with a much larger show of plain dairy cattle forward. The day’s top price of 173.5p/kg (£1153) was achieved for a Stabiliser from A Dixon & Son. Clean cattle sold to 199.5p/kg for a Limousin heifer from JB & M Beck purchased by H. Birkbeck.

Store cattle sold to a full ringside of local buyers and travelled purchasers with all types keenly completed for. The days top price of £1140 was achieved for a pen of 6 Belgium Blue x Bullocks from E. Tuer whose superb run of strong summering cattle averaged £1120. Summering heifers topped at £945for Limousin x from J H Barker. Yearling suckler bred cattle were a tremendous trade with 11 month old Charolais x Bullocks from AW Irvine selling for £875 purchased by M. Thompson. Heifers sold to a top price of £685 for 11 month old Charolais x from AW Irvine. Bulls sold to £835 for 10 month old Limousin from B & H M Wilson.

Calves and Stirks continue to increase in numbers with all types in demand. Young beef calves sold to £202 for Aberdeen Angus x from JG & BJ Escolme with Black and Whites to a fantastic £300, £290 from G. Cuthbertson. 6 month old Black & White stirks attracted keen bidding with bullocks to £400 and Bulls to £340.

A small show of in lamb sheep sold to keen interest with Texel x hoggs with twins to £145 and singles £115 from G W Robinson, Moss End.

Store Lambs sold to £78 for Texels from JF & N Strickland, The Borrans.


BULL CALVES – Fr: £400, £350 Far Audlands, £340 Borwick Fold. AA: £202, £200 Low Stanger Thwaite, £190, £130 Wraysholme Tower. SH: £300 Borwick Fold. SR&W: £400, £385 Far Audlands.

HEIFER CALVES – AA: £192, £185 Wraysholme Tower.

CAST COWS – Fr: 131.5p/kg Town Foot, 127. 5p/kg Bradley, 125.5p/kg Spout House. Lim: 142.5p/kg Middle Sadghyll. BB: 141.5p/kg Moss Howe, 134.5p/kg Barker Knott. SH: 125.5p/kg 125.5p/kg Cockley Beck, 118.5p/kg & 116.5p/kg Abbots Reading. Luing: 117.5p/kg, 114p/kg Poole Bank. Stab: 173.5p/kg Kit Crag.

CAST HEIFERS – Fri: 139.5p/kg Hood Ridding. Lim: 199.5p/kg & 181.5p/kg Town Foot . BB: 177.5p/kg Low Newton.

STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1100 Common Farm, £990, £965, £930 Bannerigg. Ch: £880 & £875 Tock Howe, £790 High Wray. Sim: £930 Bannerigg. BB: £1140 Common Farm, £990 Bannerigg. AA: 3775 Low Hundhowe. SH: £1080 Common Farm. Stab: £570 & £535 Cragg House Farm.

STORE HEIFER – Lim: £945 Stribers, £875, £870 West Plain.

STORE BULL – Lim: £835 Ashstead.

STORE LAMBS – Suff: £78 The Borrans, £74.50 The Orchards, £67.50 New Hall. Cont: £59.50 High Foulshaw. Mule: £73.50 The Borrans, £70 The Orchard, £64.50 New Hall Farm. Swale: £52 The Borrans. Tex: £76 The Orchard, £74 The Borrans, £68 High Foulshaw. Leic: £64 The Borrans.

IN LAMB EWES – Suff: £140 Moss End. Tex: £145 Moss End.

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