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Lancaster Friday 17/02/12

Posted Friday, 17 February 2012, 12.11pm


North West Auctions held its popular weekly sale of store stock with a larger entry of cattle forward selling to a ringside full of buyers from throughout the northern counties.

The sale of Cast Cows & OTM Cattle sold to a marvellous average of 128p/kg with best beef cows to 177.5p/kg (£1286.88) for a Limousin x from AR Edmondson, Hawkswell Farm and AA x also sold to 177.5p/kg from JS & S Atkinson, Sykes Farm. Dairy cows sold to 151.5p/kg from B & M Cornthwaite, Moors Farm and £1167.38 per head from GB & EA Metcalfe & Son, Holme House. Cast Bulls sold at 177.5p/kg for a Blue from F & JM Mason, Mireside. OTM heifers topped at 199.5p/kg (£1244) for a Limousin from TK Drinkall, New Hey.

Rearing calves were the dearest trade for some time with all calves averaging £185. Beef calves sold to £410 for a superb month old Blue x from Wallbank Farms with heifers to £320 for a Charolais x from CR & A Baxter, New Brows and Blue x from Messrs Jones, Sandvilla. Black & Whites achieved a superb average of £145 with medium rearers regularly £80-£110 with best rearers £130+ topping at £200 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House. Reared calves sold to £335 for 3 month old B&W bulls from Messrs Jones. More calves are needed to meet strong demand.

A catalogue entry of 320 store cattle continue to sell to a buoyant trade with vendors very pleased with prices achieved. The day’s top price of £1350 was paid for Limousin x bullocks from regular vendor David Moorhouse, High House. All bullocks averaged £990 throughout! Heifers sold to £1190 for AA x from R Escolme with a very pleasing heifer average of £948 with a larger show of younger summering cattle forward. Yearling suckler bulls sold to £750 for Simmental x from AJ Riley, Ellesmere.

Please note the 16 Hereford x bulling heifers will not be forward next week but are now entered for Friday 2nd March.

Next Week – Opening Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot. Already entered: 20 Suffolk / Masham ewes with Texel Lambs.

Top Prices

CAST COWS – Fr: 151.5p/kg Moors Farm; 149.5p/kg Strickland Hill; 147.5p/kg Barnfield; 147.5p/kg Benson Hall; 141.5p/kg Holme House, Stubb Hall. Lim: 177.5p/kg Hawkswell Farm; 174.5p/kg Sykes Farm; 164.5p/kg Barnfield; 157.5p/kg Springfield House; 151.5p/kg New House Farm. Char: 129.5p/kg Eskew Beck. BB: 141.5p/kg Little Fell. AA: 177.5p/kg Sykes Farm; 159.5p/kg Stirzaker House. MRI: 131.5p/kg Sandvilla. Brown Swiss: 119.5p/kg Sandvilla.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Birds Park, New Hey Farm; 164.5p/kg Holme House, Chapel House; 154.5p/kg Gardners Farm. Lim: 199.5p/kg New Hey Farm. Sim: 179.5p/kg Norbreck Farm. BB: 197.5p/kg High House.

CAST STEERS – Fr: 144.5p/kg New Hey Farm. BB: 174.5p/kg Hawkswell Farm. CAST BULLS – Lim: 151.5p/kg Stonehead. BB: 177.5p/kg Mireside.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1180 Turnover Hall; £1150 Forton Bank; £1050 Downlands Farm; £1040 Wyre Farm; £1010 Ivy Farm. Lim: £1210 Thornbush; £1200 High House; £1190 High House; £1170 High Green; £1160 Lentworth. Char: £1350 High House; £1230 New Close; £1140 Bouthwaite; £1060 Old Woodhouse. Here: £1280 Daniel Fold; £900 Isle of Skye Farm. Sim: £1200 New Close. Blonde: £1100 Lentworth; £1000 Stubb Place; £740 Claughton Hall. BB: £1300 Old Woodhouse; £1190 Low House; £1160 Mount Pleasant; £1150 Church Farm; £1130 Cragg Farm. AA: £1270 Intack Farm; £1260 Ivy Barn; £1220 Church Farm; £1190 Forton Bank; £1150 Billing Hall, High Green. Shorthorm: £1090 Ashlack Hall, Bouthwaite. Saler: £790 Low Woodedge. Brown Swiss: £990 Ivy Farm. Stabiliser: £1130 Bouthwaite; £890 Gibsons Farm. Mont: £960 Birch Croft. Baz: £1170 Little Fell. SR&W: £1100 Wyre Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £980 Allcocks Farm; £950 Batty Hill. Lim: £1150 Thornbush; £1150 Brow Foot; £1130 Wilson Wood; £1110 High House; £1100 Wild Boar Farm. Char: £1100 High House; £1050 Crooklands Farm, Brown Edge; £1040 Lower Castle O’Trim. Here: £1070 Nutgill; £880 Jolley Fold. Blonde: £1060 Crook-O-Lune Farm. AA: £1190 Ivy Barn; £1180 Green Close; £1040 Nutgill; £1060 Brow Foot; £1030 Snub Snape. Sussex: £880 Jolley Fold. BB: £1130 Claughton Hall; £1070 Woodplumpton Lane; £980 Lodge Cottage; £970 Cottams Farm; £880 Middle Ridge.

STORE BULLS – Sim: £750 Ellesmere. AA: £660 Farleton House. Fr: £400 Charnock House.

BULL CALVES – Fr: £335 Sandvilla; £252 Stubb Place; £200 Knowsley Farm, Cocker House. Lim: £278 Barrow Greaves. AA: £290 Beesley Farm. MRI: £310 Sandvilla. BB: £410 Tills Farm. Swedish R&W: £58 Priory Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – Brit Blue: £320 Sandvilla; £308 North Farm; £300 Beesley Farm; £275 Knowsley Farm. Lim: £245 Barrow Greaves. Char: £320 New Brows.

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