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Lancaster Friday 03/02/12

Posted Friday, 03 February 2012, 12.21pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart’s successful Friday sale continues to draw stock and buyers in. Over 270 store cattle were forward together with 80 cast cows & OTM’s and towards 50 calves & stirks as well as a few pens of store hoggs.

Store cattle continue to meet a marvellous trade with a ring full of buyers keen to make purchases. There were 27 lots of cattle selling for £1100 or more with the day’s trade being topped at £1400 by FL Barnes, Crowe Trees with a Charolais bullock selling to RT Owen. Heifers topped at £1100 for a Charolais from J & BL Ellis, Hawkrigg End. Bulls sold to £700 for a pen of seven 9 month old Limousins from WA Ward & Sons, Ancliffe Hall.

Cast Cows averaged a very impressive 134p/kg. The cow trade topped at 171.5p/kg for a Limousin from DA Wilcock, Gladden Hey. Top price cow per head of £1367.91 went to R & G Barker, Kiondroghad Farm again for a Limousin. Clean cattle topped at 191.5p/kg for a Charolais steer from J & A Sheerin, Knotts Farm.

A stronger entry of calves this week with a large proportion being young beef calves. £370 was paid for a tremendous 5 week old BBx bull from CG Birkett with all 10 averaging £280. A Limousin bull from DW Robinson sold to £340 (4 weeks old). Heifers sold to £270 for 3 week old BBx from J Bargh & Son with all 5 averaging £243. Native sired calves sold to £220 for Angus bull calves and £205 for Angus x heifers. A very pleasing average of £92 was achieved for all Black & Whites with DW Robinson selling the best B&W seen for some time for £200 and being only 4 weeks old! A large show of calves needed each week to meet strong buyer demand. Stirks this week sold to £385 for BBx heifers and £370 for Shorthorn bullocks.

A small entry of store hoggs averaged £51 thoughout topping at £66 for Continentals from P & ME Higginson, Ivy Farm.

Top Prices

CAST COWS – Fr: 164.5p/kg North Farm; 144.5p/kg Sandvilla; 139.5p/kg Beaumont Gate; 137.5p/kg Outerthwaite Farm; 134.5p/kg Boldens Farm. Lim: 171.5p/kg Gladden Hey Farm; 164.5p/kg Charnock House Farm; 161.5p/kg Littlewood Hall, Kiondroghad Farm; 147.5p/kg Gill Garth, Lower Swainshead. Sim: 137.5p/kg Low Woodedge. BB: 159.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 154.5p/kg Gladden Hey Farm. AA: 144.5p/kg Holme House; 137.5p/kg Ballaglass. Swedish R&W: 141.5p/kg Sandvilla; 134.5p/kg Holme Head.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 161.5p/kg Outfield Farm; 159.5p/kg Deerslet Farm; 151.5p/kg Birks Farm.

OTM STEERS/CAST BULLS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Knotts Farm; 169.5p/kg Charnock House Farm. Char: 191.5p/kg Knotts Farm. Lim: 171.5p/kg Charnock House Farm; 151.5p/kg (bull) Stonehead. BB: 157.5p/kg (bull) Ouzelthorn.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £990 Nook Farm; £980 Forton Bank, Isle of Skye Farm, Ninezergh; £950 Downlands. Lim: £1300 Wood Lane Farm; £1270 High House; £1210 Far Mount Barrow; £1160 Crow Trees; £1140 Aynsome Manor. Char: £1400 Crow Trees; £1210 High House; £1140 Far Mount Barrow; £1130 Bouthwaite; £1100 Hawkrigg End. Hfd: £1020 Fiddlers Farm; £690 Farmdale; £660 Sandham Farm. Sim: £1070 Low Fell End; £1040 Capernwray Hall. Blonde: £1320 Nook Farm. AA: £1050 Brow Foot; £980 Cropper Farm; £950 Bank Farm. Shorthorn: £1000 Bouthwaite; £840 Yew Tree Farm. MRI: £900 Littlewood Hall. Brit Blue: £1150 Brow Foot; £1100 Cragg Farm; £1080 Bouthwaite; £1030 Scotch Green Farm, Lower Castle O’Trim. Swedish R&W: £1060 Fanny House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1060 Wood Lane Farm, Endmoor Farm; £1010 Cross House Farm, Brow Foot; £1000 Capernwray Hall, Bouthwaite. Char: £1100 Hawkrigg End; £640 Shepherds Farm. Hfd: £930 Fiddlers Farm. Sim: £900 Langthwaite Heights; £770 Cottams Farm; £640 Manor House Farm. AA: £970 Manor House Farm; £960 Cragg Farm; £940 High House; £930 Cropper Farm. BB: £980 Manor House Farm; £930 Greaves Farm, Cragg Farm; £830 Kendal Hill; £800 Causeway Head.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £700 Ancliffe Hall.

BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £375 Borwick Fold; £330 Caw House; £200 Lower Rowell; £90 Catshaw Hall; £80 North Farm. Lim: £340 Lower Rowell. AA: £355 Caw House; £220 Bank End. Shorthorn: £370 Borwick Fold. Brown Swiss: £135 Lower Rowell. BB: £370 Netherbeck Barn; £300 Norbreck Farm; £295 North Farm.

HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Brit Blue: £385 Borwick Fold; £270 North Farm; £220 Norbreck Farm. AA: £205 Norbreck Farm; £185 Bank End. STORE HOGGS – Cont: £66 Ivy Farm; £54 Bull Copy. Masham: £47 Bull Copy.

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