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Kendal Tuesday 21/02/12

Posted Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 12.08pm

A smaller entry of hoggs were submitted to an increased ringside of buyers with the £100 per head barrier broken on several occasions. The top price per kilo of 227p was paid for a pen of 39kg Texel x hoggs from J & ME Bateman, Lowgill Farm and these sold to B Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw for £88.50 per head. The day’s trading left an overall average of 201p/kg.

Once again cast sheep met a tremendous trade with the best ewes £120-£130 and topping at £132 twice from J & BL Ellis, Hawkrigg for Suffolk and C Douthwaite, Moorhouse for Continental bred. Mule ewes once again £94-£98 peaking at £120 from Benson Hall. Horned ewes again look a great trade with quite a few lots of lean plainer types around. Rough Fell to £87 and Swaledale to £73. Overall average £72.21.


PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £101 Bank House Farm; £101 Millness Hall, Red Scar; £97 Low Gregg Hall; £96 Birkway, Broad Head. Suffolk: £101 Brow Head; £97 Capplerigg; £80 Crabtree. Mule: £84 Bank House Farm; £82 Moss Howe; £81 Barrowfield; £80 Nether Hall, Moorhouse. Horned: £82.50 Croft Foot; £81 Bank House; £80 Millbeck; £79 Bracken Hill. Char: £84.50 Scroggs Farm; £82.50 Nook Farm. Chev: £84 Croft Foot; £83 High Arnside. Leicester: £82 Capplethwaite Hall. Dorset: £87 Brow Head.

CAST EWES – Suffolk: £132 Hawkrigg End. Cont: £132 Moor House; £106 Lowgill Farm; £105 Bank House Farm. Masham: £88 Brow Head. Mule: £120 Benson Hall; £99 Brow Head; £95 Hawkrigg End; £94 Mint View, Stubb Farm; £92 Singleton Park. Swaledale: £77 (ram) Skelwith Fold; £73 Capplethwaite Hall; £72 Barrowfield; £62 Rydal Farm. Rough Fell: £87 Steps Farm; £85 Chapel Beck; £80 (ram) Sedbergh Road; £77 High Borrowbridge. Chev: £80 High Arnside. Char: £116 (ram) Capplethwaite Hall. Texel: £130 Benson Hall; £106 (ram) Capplethwaite Hall. £95 Hawkrigg End; £80 Stubb Farm. Leicester: £96 High Borrowbridge. Herdwick: £67 Rydal Farm.

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