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Kendal Tuesday 14/02/12

Posted Wednesday, 15 February 2012, 12.14pm


An entry of 771 prime hoggs once again sold to a full compliment of buyers. Best export types were in strongest demand. Trade topped at 228p/kg for a pen of 9 Texel x hoggs from MW & MR Black, Scroggs Farm purchased by Andrew Atkinson, Felliscliffe for £91 per head. Top price per head of £101 was twice achieved for heavy Texel hoggs from Fishwich Farms, Bank House and also JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm. A very large show of grass fed, hill bred hoggs were a selective trade with buyers cautious of plainer non assured hoggs. The overall average was 191.76p/kg.


A ringside of 8 active buyers with orders to fill bid freely to ensure probably one of the dearest trades for all classes of cast sheep sold. Prices peaked at £140 for a big Texel rams from Messrs Cleasby, Crosthwaite. There were 27 pens of ewes breaking the £110 per head barrier with Suffolks to £118 for ewes from W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite. Continental ewes to £113 for a big pen of Texels from T Potter & Son, Graining Field. Mule ewes regularly £95-£100 and Horned ewes up to £80. Many more sheep could have been sold to vendors advantage. Cast Ewes averaged £74.65.


North West Auctions Kendal’s Monthly sale of pigs was topped at £178 for a pedigree two year old Pietrain breeding boar from P Streit, Plumpton Hall selling to regular customer Mr G Hogg, Winscales. Cast sows topped at £90 from M Howard, Cragg Road with big well fleshed sows regularly selling in the late £70’s. Bigger store pigs sold to £50 and weaners were regularly in the early £20’s with better, stronger weaners selling into the £30’s and topped at £38 to AJ & ME Saggers, Holme Head. Next Monthly Pig Sale Tuesday 13th March.


PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £101 Bank House; Poppy Farm; £98 Scroggs Farm; £97 Low Bendrigg, Beck House; £93 Tarn Foot; £90 Brow Head. Beltex: £90 Rydal Farm. Suffolk: £85 Hartrigg; £84 Crabtree, Brow Head, Mutton Hall; £82 Salterwath Farm. Cont: £95 Moss End Farm; £88 Winterscales; £87 Brow Head. Masham: £85 Killington Drive; £77 Low Greenriggs, Middale Farm. Mule: £90 Moss Howe Farm; £88 Crabtree Farm; £86 Rydal Farm; £84.50 Low Longmire; £79.50 Scoggs Farm. Swaledale: £79.50 Low Longmire; £74 Moss Howe Farm; £70 Middale Farm; £68.50 Nether Houses; £68 Hartrigg. Rough Fell: £79 Poppy Farm, Bank House Farm; £73.50 High Borrowbridge. Scotch B/F: £77.50 Bank House Farm. Char: £77 Low Greenriggs. Chev: £86 Low Bendrigg; £79 Salterwath Farm; £77 Hartrigg. Herdwick: £74 Scar Sykes; £70 Town End Farm; £67.50 Tarn Foot.

CAST EWES – Suffolk: £118 Ackenthwaite; £85 Salterwath. Texel: £113 Graining Field; £110 Low Bendrigg; £108 Sproat Ghyll, Hollin Wood, Scroggs Farm; £102 Tranthwaite Hall. Mule: £100 Low Longmire; £99 Salterwath; £98 Scar Sykes; £97 High House; £96 Tranthwaite Hall, Mansergh High, Hollin Wood. Swaledale: £79 Nether House Farm; £77 Catshaw Hall; £75 Little Moss Side. Rough Fell: £81 High Borrowbridge; £75 High Farm; £67 Sproat Ghyll. Scotch B/F: £74 Bank House Farm. Char: £88 Hollin Wood. Chev: £82 Salterwath Farm; £80 Low Bendrigg; £78 Scar Sykes. Leicester: £88 Well Foot; £85 Low Longmire. Herdwick: £60 Low Bendrigg.

CAST RAMS – Texel: £140 Little Moss Side; £108 Sproat Ghyll; £100 Scroggs Farm. Suffolk: £110 Sproat Ghyll. Swaledale: £89 High Greenside. Teeswater: £91 Little Moss Side.

PIGS – Boars: £178 Plumpton Hall. Sows: £90 Crag Road; £85 Bascodyke;£80 Plumpton Hall; £78 Templand; £58 Stoneyhead.Store Pigs: £55 Templand; £55 Kit Cragg; £48 Herons Reach. Weaners: £38 Holme Head; £32 Bascodyke; £32 Western Houses; £26 Cautley Farm; £22 Langley Park; £22 Peat Edge.

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