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Kendal Thursday 16/02/12

Posted Friday, 17 February 2012, 12.12pm


This sale continues to grow in popularity with yet another increase in vendors and purchasers keen to support this sale. Young calves sold to £275 for BBx bulls from DW Cottam who sold BBx heifers to the same price. All beef calves were easily sold with many more needed to meet strong buyers demand. Black and Whites were an outstanding trade with best young calves regularly £80 plus topping at £125, £120 (x3) for 6 week old from D. Jackson & Son, Kendal with all Black and White calves averaging £100. A few black and white stirks sold to a top price of £360 for 5 month sold from D. Jackson. The next sale of calves is Thursday 1st March. Please advise Matthew or Richard of entries to assist in organising the sale.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle

A full ringside of buyers ensured a marvellous trade for all cattle sold. Black and white cows topped at 135.5p/kg and with an average of 114.41p/kg for Black and White cows. Continental cows peaked at 185.5p/kg for a pure bred Limousin cows from D & J & A Freeman of Troutbeck. A wonderful run of Continental cattle from Stanley cook Farming, Witherslack averaged 173.37p/kg and Cast Bulls sold to 167.5p/kg for a 962kg Aberdeen Angus Bull. This left a fantastic overall average of 134.37p/kg.

Store Cattle

Once again a full ringside of buyers ensured that all classes of Store Cattle were easily sold. The majority of cattle forward were 8-10mths of age with the handful of strong stores forward meeting a very competitive trade with bullocks topping at £1080 for a shorthorn from Mrs E Tuer of Windermere and heifers to £870 from J. Bird, Flookburgh. Once again young summering cattle are much sought after with a British Blue to £855 for a smart 8mth old bullock from S G Benson of Ulverston and with plenty of young store heifers 7-9mths from £650 to £700. A small show of bulls forward were to £830 for a Limousin x from Mr JA Hunter of Sedbergh.

Store Lambs

A very pleasing average of £59.20 for this late season sale with best short keep lambs £75+ topping at £78 for Suffolk x from J & H Bland & Son. Smaller lambs £55+ with hill bred lambs topping at £65 for Swaledale from Coward Bros.


BULL CALVES – Fr: £360, £240, £230 Cunswick Hall. Lim: £250 Low Stanger Thwaite. AA: £175, £170 Wraysholme Tower.

BB: £275 Hagg Farm. SR&W: £85 Docker Hall.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £190 Low Stanger Thwaite. AA: £150 Wraysholme Tower. BB: £275 Hagg Farm.

CAST COWS – Fr: 135.5p/kg Cracalt, 125.5p/kg Docker Hall, 114.5p/kg Town House. Lim: 185.5p/kg Town End, £144.5p/kg, 142.5p/kg, 138.5p/kg Hollin Hall. Char: 126.5p/kg Howe Farm. BB: 134.5p/kg Mutton Hall. AA: 107.5p/kg Bannerigg. Luing: 114.5p/kg, 113.5p/kg High House.

CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 177.5p/kg Old Croft, 174.5p/kg 172.5p/kg Moss Howe. BB: 176.5p/kg 175.5p/kg 168.5p/kg Moss Howe.

CAST BULL – AA: 167.5p/kg Keerfalls Forest Farm.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £380 Far Audlands. Lim: £890 Stribers, £880 West Plain, £800 Horrace. Here: £690, £610 Milton Mill. Blo: £765 Low House. AA: £690 Milton Mill. Shorthorn: £1080 Common Farm. Stab: £610, £590 Cragg House. BB: £855 £850 £770 Horrace. SR&W: £440 Far Audlands.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £870 West Plain, £770 Stribers, £735 Low Groves. Char: £690 Low Groves. Blo: £690 Low House, £655 Grange House Farm. BB: £615 Horrace. STORE BULL – Lim: £830 Brackensghyll, £815 Blades.

STORE LAMBS – Suff: £78, £77.50, £75.50 £75 Ninezergh. Cont: £49.50 Kate Farm. Mash: £52.50 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £75 Bowkerstead, £69 Hall Farm. Swale: £65 Kirkby Hall, £51.50 Hall Farm. Rough Fell: £63.50 Low Bank House, £58.50 £53 High Bridgestone. Char: £70 Kirkby Hall. Tex: £76.50 £76 High Deepslack, £74 The Borrans, £72 Bowkerstead. Herd: £70 Town Head.

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