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Kendal Thursday 02/02/12

Posted Friday, 03 February 2012, 12.22pm


A smaller show of cows and OTM clean cattle were presented to a full ringside of buyers. These met a very dear trade with a plainer show of black and white cows topping at 136.5p/kg and levelling at 113p/kg. Continental cattle and OTM bullocks and heifers averaged 154.5p/kg and 163.5p/kg respectively. A nice entry of store cattle were presented to a large crowd of buyers from as far a field as North Yorkshire to Shropshire and all eager to secure cattle. Bullocks topped at £940 for a 16 mo bullock from J & J Postlethwaite of Sedbergh. Bullocks averaged £777.73. Heifers were up to £965 for a British Blue heifer from H & A T Threlkeld, Satterthwaite. Heifers averaged £685.69. A small show of bulls, once again, met fierce bidding topping at £795 for a young bull from Stanley Cook Farming. Bulls averaged £707.50. A good entry of store hoggs for the time of year with some 600 hoggs presented to a ringside of buyers. With all classes of hoggs to suit every man’s needs, most purchasers would go away with something. Short term keep hoggs were generally £75-£78 and topping at £80 for a pen of Suffolk x from G M Redmayne of Ings. Mule hoggs were £55-£65 and topping at £69. Swaledale hoggs and Herdwick hoggs were very much sought after with a pen of Herdwick hoggs topping at £63 for a pen from J A & S M Allen of Windermere. Rearing calves sold to a packed ringside of potential purchasers. £315 was the days top price for a superb 4 week old BB x bull from PW & D Swindlehurst, Tranthwaite Hall. Younger calves sold to £185 for a 10 day old Lim bull from J Burrow, Thursgill. More calves needed to meet strong buyer demand. Please contact Matthew Probert or Richard Gardiner if you have any questions.

Top Prices

DAIRY HEIFERS - £1480 Thursgill.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £185 Thursgill. Brit Blue: £315 Tranthwaite Hall; £150 Sunny Bank.

HEIFER CALVES – AA: £152 Sunny Bank.

CAST COWS – Fr: 136.5p/kg Elm Tree; 122.5p/kg Burneside Hall. Lim: 125.5p/kg Low Barrows Green. AA: 122.5p/kg Keerfalls Forest Farm. Shorthorn: 131.5p/kg High Biggarsbank; 125.5p/kg Moss Side. Swedish R&W: 125.5p/kg Ravens Lodge.

OTM HEIFER – AA: 154.5p/kg Keerfalls Forest Farm.

OTM STEER – AA: 163.5p/kg Keerfalls Forest Farm.

STORE CATTLE – Lim Blks: £940 Bramaskew; £875 Tock How; £700 Ashstead. Char Blks: £875 Tock How. Blonde Blks: £680 Grange House. Lim Hfrs: £965 Bowkerstead; £880 Tock How; £825 Middle Birkby; £770 Low Stanger Thwaite; £700 Low Newton Farm. Char Hfrs: £630 Luneside. Blonde Hfrs: £590 Grange House. Brit Blue Hfrs: £820 Middle Birkby. Lim Bulls: £795 Moss Howe Farm; £705 Valley View; £635 Ashstead.

STORE LAMBS – Suff: £80 Gowan Bank; £74.50 Barker Knott; £74 Upp Hall; £72.50 Brow Head; £70.50 Hall Farm. Masham: £59 Hawes Farm. Mule: £69 Gowan Bank, Stribers Farm; £68 The Lodge; £65 Barker Knott; £62 Stribers Farm; £61.50 The Glen. Swaledale: £55.50 Murthwaite; £52 Tongue House; £50 Poole Bank. Rough Fell: £67 Murthwaite; £50 High Bridgestone. Scotch Blackface: £70 Thwaite Moss; £63 Low Cunsey. Horned: £68 Barker Knott. Char: £72 Stribers Farm. Texel: £76 The Lodge; £75 Highfield; £73 Upp Hall; £72.50 Brow Head; £69 Hawes Farm. Herdwick: £63 Barker Knott; £54.50 Stone Grove. Beltex: £56 Poole Bank.

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