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Lancaster Monday Christmas Show 03/12/12

Posted Tuesday, 04 December 2012, 10.57am

Caption: Champion Lambs from EJ Ward & Sons

Caption: Champion Beast from HW Fortune

Caption: 1st Prize Heifer from FI & ME Little

Caption: 1st Prize Bull from JM & AG Swarbrick

Champion Lambs 226p/kg (£95), Champion Prime Beast 270p/kg (£1255)

NWA Lancaster held its weekly sale of primestock comprising a larger show of lambs averaging 155p/kg for all sheep sold, slightly up on the week.

The prize show for pens of 5 lambs saw over 20 pens forward for judging by Mr Steve Seddon of Lakes & Dales Ltd. The champion honours were awarded to EJ Ward & Sons for a smart, meaty pen of 42kg Beltex X lambs which later sold for £95/head (226p/kg) to the judge. All vendors must be complimented on the quality of sheep presented for sale this week.

Cast sheep saw rams to £124 and well meated ewes generally £62/£78, while plainer ewes £30/£45.

Prime Cattle were ably judged by regular purchaser Mr Roy Schofield who awarded the championship rosette to HW Fortune who presented a smart, well finished 465kg Lim steer later selling for 270p/kg to PA Fairclough. Reserve champion was awarded to the 1st prize heifer from FI & ME Little, she weighed in at 590kg selling for 238p/kg to Mr F Towers.

JM & AG Swarbrick lead the way with their 1st prize Bazadaise bull, weighing 667kg selling for 209p/kg purchased by Bowland Foods Ltd.

Top Prices:

Prime Lambs

Suff: £72 Brown Edge; £68 North Farm; £66.50 Hall Croft Barn; £65 Fell End Farm; £65, £64 Downlands Farm; £64 Tarnwater Farm;£63.50 Long Streets Farm. Mash: £71, £67 Allcocks Farm. Mule: £70, £69.50 Fell End Farm; £70 Hallbeck; £69 Sykes Farm; £68 Ouzelthorn Farm; £67 Lower Brow Top. Horned: £64, £63 Yarlsbergh; £57 Lower Bro Top; £50 Ouzelthorn Farm; £50 Sykes Farm. Char: £68 Old Glasson Farm; £66.50, £64.50 North Farm; £64, £63.50, £63 Moss House Farm. Texel: £95, £78 Intack Farm; £86 Hutton Roof Hall; £82, £76 Newhouse Farm; £79 Walmsley Fold; £79 North Farm; £76.50 Fell End Farm. Lleyn: £65.50, £65 Low Foulshaw Farm.


Steers – Lim: 270p/kg, 210p/kg Pyethornes Farm

Heifers – Blo: 238p/kg Helm Croft; 218p/kg, 206p/kg The Dell.

Bulls – 209.50p/kg, 194.50p/kg, 179.50p/kg Bensons Farm; 209.50p/kg, 194.50p/kg Far Orrest;195.50p/kg, 184.50p/kg, 178.50p/kg, 162.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.

Show Results:

Prime Cattle:

Class 1 – Best Heifer

1st – 791, FI & ME Little, Helm Croft 238p/kg (£1404)
2nd – 789, SA Hill, The Dell 218p/kg (£1035)
3rd – SA Hill, The Dell 206p/kg (£1122)

Class 2 – Best Bullock

1st & Champion 787 – HW Fortune, Pyethornes Farm 270p/kg (£1255)
2nd 786 – HW Fortune, Pyethornes Farm, 210p/kg (£1159)

Class 3 – Best Bull

1st 977 – JM & AG Swarbrick, Bensons Farm 209p/kg (£1397)
2nd 979 – A Clark & Johnson, Far Orrest 209p/kg (£1238)
3rd 975 - JM & AG Swarbrick, Bensons Farm 194p/kg (£1322)

Prime Lambs:

Class 1 – 5 Lowland Lambs

1st & Champion - EJ Ward & Son, Intack Farm
2nd – TJ Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall
3rd – SA Hill, Coastal Road

Class 2 – 5 Suffolk Lambs

1st – FK & FM Woodhouse, Fell End

Class 3 – 5 Mule/Masham Lambs

1st – FK & FM Woodhouse, Fell End
2nd – CA & J Alty, Moss House
3rd - CA & J Alty, Moss House

Class 4 – 5 Hill Bred Lambs

1st – BD Gill, Yarlsber
2nd – BD Gill, Yarlsber
3rd – RH Ayrton, Ouzelthorn



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