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Lancaster Friday 07/12/12

Posted Monday, 10 December 2012, 1.01pm

Caption: First Prize Pair of Bullocks from DE & SM Moorhouse sold for £1600 per head

Caption: Left: Rod Owen with David Moorhouse and Mrs Owen presenting the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy for the Best Bair of Bullocks

OTM’s to 247.5p/kg and £2007.23, Store Cattle to £1600, Calves to £355

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held its Annual Christmas Store Stock shows on Friday with a fantastic entry of cattle attracting purchasers from up and down the country. The prize show for pairs of steers competed for the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy and was ably judged by Mr Frank Towers who awarded the red rosette to David Moorhouse who’s pair of Limousin steers later sold for the day’s top price of £1600 per head and were purchased by Rod Owen. All steers sold to a market average of £1012! The heifer class was won by J Capstick & Sons for a pair of smart red Limousins selling to the judge for £1190 per head. An entry of breeding bulls sold to £1750 for a 2 year old pedigree Charolais from JD & EM Brown.



Show Results – Store Cattle
Pair of Bullocks

1st DE & SM Moorhouse, High House £1600 to R Owen
2nd DE & SM Moorhouse, High House £1560 to R Owen
3rd J Capstick & Sons, Whicham Hall £1320 to R Owen

Pair of Heifers
1st J Capstick & Sons, Whicham Hall £1190 to F Towers
2nd JT & A Armitstead, Bouthwaite £1140 to DNO Scott & Son
3rd JT & A Armitstead, Bouthwaite £1120 to DNO Scott & Son

Cast/feeding cows & OTM clean cattle averaged a pleasing 124p/kg with Norbreck Genetics selling a BB cow to 247.5p/kg (£2007.23) purchased by Mutch Meats Ltd. Dairy cows sold to 174.5p/kg from SH & LE Birkett and £1224.25 from JS & KM Wilson. OTM heifers reached 187.5p/kg (£1190.03) with bulls/steers to 187.5p/kg (£1509.95). Twenty One outlets represented at today’s sale with Lancaster once again being a leading cast cow market in the North.

The prize show of rearing calves saw a quality entry forward with prices being very competitive. £355 was the day’s top price for a Limousin x from JB & JB Lawson with 10 bulls averaging £262. Heifers topped at £325 for a British Blue from CG Birkett with heifers selling to a premium as suckler replacements. A reduced entry of stirks saw 5 month old H/F steers selling for £305 from PA & D Slater.

Show Results – Rearing Calves
Beef Bull Calf
1st JB & JB Lawson, Bank End (Limx) £355 to J & BL Ellis
2nd JB & JB Lawson, Bank End (AAx) £295 to AJ & SE Burrow
3rd Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall (Hfdx) £290 to J & BL Ellis

Beef Heifer Calf
1st CG Birkett, Netherbeck Barn (BBx) £325 to PF Lee
2nd Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall (BBx) £270 to J Townsend
3rd CG Birkett, Netherbeck Barn (BBx) £260 to MJ & LC Lund

Champion Calf – First Prize Heifer from CG Birkett.

STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1600 & £1560 High House; £1390 Whicham Hall; £1280 Hawrigg End; £1240 Thornbush; £1210 Ivy Cottage. Fr: £1090 Heaton Hall; £1020 Old Glasson; £990 Rowell Farm, Moss Head; £970 Wyre Farm. Char: £1190 Brown Edge; £1160 Crooklands Farn; £1090 Rowell Farm. Hfd: £1170 Old Glasson; £1060 New Ridge; £950 Colloway Farm. Sim: £1270 Moss View; £1220 Far Mount Barrow; £1060 Mount Pleasant; £1000 Colloway Farm. Blo: £1040 Colloway Farm; £1020 Mount Pleasant; £660 Throstle Nest. AA: £1280 Northwoods Farm; £1200 Far Mount Barrow; £1160 Underhelm Farm; £1150 Hill Top; £1100 New Ridge. Shorthorn: £980 Cock Hall. BB: £1240 Thornbush Farm, Daniel Fold; £1210 Ivy Cottage; £1200 King Bank; £1190 Hawkrigg End. Baz: £930 Cock Hall; £670 Sandham Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £720 Bilsborrow Hall; £660 The High Farm. Lim: £1190 Whicham Hall; £1150 Low Hall Beck, Moss View; £1140 Hawrigg End, Bouthwaite Farm; £1080 Holly House. Char: £1170 Greenlands Farm; £1120 Bouthwaite Farm; £990 Intack Farm; £980 Langthwaite Heights. Sim: £1080 Hill Top; £1070 Intack Farm. Blo: £1140 Bouthwaite; £590 Throstle Nest. AA: £1040 Underhelm; £1020 Cragg Farm; £960 Rowell Farm; £940 Cropper Farm. Shorthorn: £890 Jolley Fold. BB: £1100 Greenlands Farm; £1030 King Bank Farm; £1020 Hill Top; £910 Forton Bank.
BREEDING BULLS - Char: £1750 & £1600 Salisbury Farm
BULL CALVES - Fr: £85 Cocker House; £65 Newhouse Farm; £60 Hood Ridding. Lim: £355 Bank End; £325 Hood Ridding; £120 Hill Crest. Hfd: £290 Catshaw Hall. AA: £290 Bank End. BB: £305 Deepclough; £95 North Farm; £80 Hill Crest. Mont: £180 Deepclough.
HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £125 Deepclough. BB: £325 Netherbeck Barn; £285 Bank End; £275 Knowsley Farm; £270 Catshaw Hall; £120 North Farm.
BULL STIRKS – BB: £300 Manor House Farm.
STEER STIRKS – Fr: £305 Slack Farm
CAST COWS – BB: 247.5p/kg Norbreck Farm; 191.5p/kg Lathwaite Farm; 129.5p/kg Cringleber; 124.5p/kg Fellgate Farm. Fr: 174.5p/kg Stubb Hall; 151.5p/kg West Hall; 147.5p/kg High House; 141.5p/kg Walkers I’th Fields. Lim: 157.5p/kg Cringleber; 149.5p/kg Gill Garth; 139.5p/kg Lathwaite Farm; 134.5p/kg Lower Swainshead, Springfield. Char: 127.5p/kg Ladyacre. Hfd: 131.5p/kg Cringleber; 129.5p/kg Woodend Farm. Sim: 131.5p/kg Cringleber. Blo: 114.5p/kg Cringleber. AA: 124.5p/kg Sandham Farm; 109.5p/kg King Bank Farm.
CAST HEIFERS - Fr: 181.5p/kg Holmescales Farm; 149.5p/kg Chapel House. Lim: 181.5p/kg Station Hotel. Hfd: 187.5p/kg Old Glasson. Sim: 181.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm. Blo: 184.5p/kg The Dell. Devon: 164.5p/kg Topthorn Farm.
CAST/OTM BULLS & STEERS - Fr: 171.5p/kg Heaton Hall; 164.5p/kg Buck Bank; 139.5p/kg Low House. Lim: 149.5p/kg Gill Garth; 137.5p/kg Beckside. Stabiliser: 187.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm.

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