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Kendal Christmas Show - Thursday 6th December 2012

Posted Friday, 07 December 2012, 4.30pm

Caption: Michael Dennison, sponsor, David Knowles, the Champion & Reserve Dairy Cattle and the judge, Mr Powley

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held its Annual Christmas shows this week with a large crowd of buyers & sellers in attendance from throughout the North West.

Dairy Cattle – The prize show & sale of dairy cattle saw a very strong line up of cattle presented before the judge Mr John Powley of Penrith who placed Kendal Cragg Bonair Olivia from Mr P Knowles as his Champion. Ten days calved and giving 7 gallons she sold to a final bid of £2,350 purchased by the judge. Reserve champion was also a Kendal Cragg entry selling for £2320 purchased by JS & KM Wilson & Son. First prize cow came from GM & AG Wilson & Son and she sold for £2,150 purchased again by Messrs Wilson. The show of cattle forward was a credit to the vendors with the prices achieved reflecting this.

New Calved Heifers
1st & Champion P Knowles, Cragg Farm £2350
2nd & Reserve P Knowles, Cragg Farm £2320
3rd A & E Barnes, Brackenfold £2080

New Calved Cows
1st GM & AM Wilson, High Gateside £2150
2nd AE & M Hayhurst, Natland Park £2120
3rd AE & M Hayhurst, Natland Park £1950

Dairy Statistics
N/C Cows to £2150 av. £1970
N/C Heifers to £2350 av. £1820

Calves – The largest entry of calves for some time was forward this fortnight with judging conducted by Mr D Coates of Calder Vale. First price bull and show champion was a 6 week old Aberdeen Angus x from ML & SM Dobson which later sold to the judge for £310. Heifer calves sold to £250 for a Limousin x from R & J Dodgson with GH Capstick & Sons selling their first prize dairy bull (13 days old) for £82. A full ringside of buyers ensured all calves sold to full value with heifers suitable for future breeding selling to a premium.

Beef Bred Heifer      R & J Dodgson, Cracalt £250
Beef Bred Bull         ML & SM Dobson, Espford £310
Black & White Bull   GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £82

OTM awards

Top Dairy/head H J Robinson & Son £925

Top Dairy/kg H J Robinson & Son 121.5p/kg

Top Beef/head S W Atkinson & Son £1004

Top Beef/kg S W Atkinson & Son 147.5p/kg

Cast Cows – A smaller show of cows were presented to a full ringside of buyers and all classes of cows met a strong demand levelling at 116p/kg. Black & White cows topped at 121.5p/kg for a well fed cow from HJ Robinson & Son and Continental cows peaked at 147.5p/kg for a Limousin x cow from SW Atkinson & Son.

Clean Cattle – A small entry of clean cattle were forward and judged by Mr H Birkbeck of Kirkby Stephen who awarded the Champion Rosette to a 20 month old Limousin x bullock from J & ME Bateman which later sold for 227.5p/kg to Mr John Bowling.

Store Cattle – A pleasing show of store cattle sell to a top price of £1320 for a Limousin steer from DJ & MJ Hoggarth purchased by MG Thompson. Heifers sold to £985 for a Limousin x and yearling bulls to £740 for Limousin x from RJ Stalker. Buyers were in attendance competing for all types of cattle ensuring full values were achieved.

Store Lambs - An entry of over 1100 store lambs sold to a trade much in line with the national fat lamb prices. £67 was the leading price paid for Texel x lambs from TW & J Beaty with best bunches £50-£57. Smaller lambs £38-£45 with the very smallest upto £25. Hill lambs reached £57 for Cheviot x from B & R Barnes. A strong crowd of buyers competed for all lambs with the next sale on Thursday 20th December.

Top Prices
DAIRY CATTLE – N/C Cows: £2150 High Gateside; £2120 Natland Park Farm £1950 Ninezergh; £1800 Birkhaw. N/C Heifers: £2350 Cragg Farm; £2080 Brackenfold; £1950 Natland Park Farm; £1850 Thursgill; £1350 Low Stanger Thwaite.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £100 Natland Mill Beck; £82 Birkhaw; £60 Cracalt Farm, Espford; £55 Cragg Farm. AA: £370 Natland Mill Beck; £310 Espford; £200 Wyke Farm. Shorthorn: £55 Strickley.
HEIFER CALVES – BB: £250 Wraysholme Tower. Lim: £385 Ghyll Foot; £250 Cracalt. AA: £120 Wyke Farm.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1320 Old Hall; £515 Middle Birkby. Char: £915 Crooklands Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £985 Old Hall; £590 Houlker Hall. Char: £865 Crooklands Farm. AA: £540 Wyke Farm. BB: £665 Ghyll Foot.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £740 Houlker Hall.
STORE LAMBS - Suff: £56.50 Raw Head; £52 Mealrigg; £45 Hall Farm, Quarry Top; £43 Stone Hall. Cont: £65 High Wardses; £53 Tarnside; £40 Gateside Farm. Masham: £52 Mealrigg. Mule: £51 Moss Howe; £44 High Wardses, Gowan Bank; £43.50 Low Hundhowe; £37.50 Brow Head. Swaledale: £26 High Wardses, Gowan Bank. Rough Fell: £40.50 Sedbergh Road; £39.50 Howe Farm. Char: £59 North Lodge; £43 High Wray; £42.50 Stribers; £40 West Plain. Chev: £57 Gilsmere Farm. Texel: £67 Long Green Head; £60 Sunny Bank; £59 North Lodge; £53 Audlands Park; £51 Fell House; £50 Fold Farm, Hall Farm; £48 Sunny Bank; £47 Great Brunthwaite. Herdwick: £15 Moss End Farm.
CAST COWS – Fr: 121.5p/kg Elm Tree; 110.5 Bradley Farm. Lim: 147.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm. Blo: 115.5p/kg Low House. BB: 116.5p/kg Archers Hall; 113.5p/kg High Biggarsbank. AA: 125.5p/kg Archers Hall. Short: 114.5p/kg Strickley; 89.5p/kg Castle How.

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