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Lancaster Friday 23/11/12

Posted Friday, 23 November 2012, 4.40pm

OTM’s to 219.5p/kg & £1,826 and Store Cattle to £1430

Another strong trade for all classes of stock with 371 cattle selling to an improved trade.

Store cattle reached £1430 for British Blue x from JA & LR Wilson, plenty of strong, short keep steers £1150-£1300, native breed steers to £1270 for Angus x from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons. Heifers topped at £1230 for Limousin x from DW & NM Alderson, best heifers regularly £950-£1100.

Cast/Feeding cows & OTM cattle were an outstanding trade once again confirming Lancaster as the cow market of the North. 122 cattle were forward and 219.5p/kg (£1826.24) was achieved for a well fleshed BB cow from Nether Hall Farms Ltd who sold a quality run of cows averaging 194.81p/kg. 25% of cows this week sold for over 145p/kg. Dairy cows sold to 159.5p/kg (£1137.70) from JS & KM Wilson. OTM clean cattle sold to 209.5p/kg (£1259.57) for a Limousin heifer.

Calves sold to £260 for British Blue x and Angus x bulls from JB & JB Lawson with heifers to £232 for BBx from the same vendor. Dairy bulls sold to £125 from M Archer & Son with others at £85. A small show of stirks saw Angus x heifers to £470, Lim steers to £455, Lim heifers £395 and weaned dairy bulls £170.


STORE BULLOCKS - Fr: £910 Moor House; £880 Brandwood Fold Farm; £860 North Farm; £850 Middle Ridge. Lim: £1220 High Green; £1210 Whicham Hall; £1190 Thornbush; £1120 Ingrave Farm. Char: £1330 High House (Natland); £1270 Crooklands Farm; £870 Tenters Farm. Hfd: £1160 Hill Top; £1130 Windy Hill; £1070 Aynsome Manor. Sim: £1070 Ingrave Farm; £1020 North Farm; £940 Cottams Farm. Blo: £1000 Ingrave Farm. AA: £1270 Sowerby Lodge; £1200 Tarnwater; £1170 Hill Top; £1120 Green Close. Shorthorn: £890 Cottams Farm; £880 Staffords Farm. MRI: £920 North Farm. Luing: £850 Speelbank Farm. BB: £1430 Dunningwell Farm; £1340 Abrahams Farm; £1210 Whicham Hall; £1190 High House (Natland). Mont: £950 North Farm, Bouthwaite. Swedish R&W: £770 Cock Hall.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1230 High Green; £1160 Dunningwell Farm; £1100 Whicham Hall; £1060 Nether Hall. Char: £1170 Stirzakers Farm; £1090 Shaws Farm; £1040 Hill Top; £990 Cartref. Hfd: £920 Staffords Farm; £870 Jolley Fold. Sim: £970 Cartref. AA: £1130 Windy Hill; £970 Staffords Farm; £960 Cropper Farm, Raw End Farm. Shorthorn: £1000 Bouthwaite. BB: £1140 High House (Helsington); £890 Whicham Hall; £820 Corney Hall.
STORE BULLS - AA: £740 Eskew Beck. BB: £700 Eskew Beck.
BULL CALVES - Fr: £125 Redbank Farm; £85 Great Brunthwaite; £60 Lower Langthwaite; £52 Forton Hall. AA: £260 Bank End Farm; £170 Sowerby Lodge. BB: £260 Bank End Farm.
HEIFER CALVES - AA: £165 Bank End Farm. BB: 232 Bank End Farm.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £170 Holmescales Farm. Lim: £425 Holmescales Farm. Shorthorn: £350 Hindley Green. BB: £400 Hindley Green; £270 Holmescales.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £395 Moss End Farm. AA: £470 Charnock House. BB: £340 Moss End Farm; £300 Holmescales.
STEER STIRKS – Lim: £455 Hindley Green. AA: £450 Hindley Green.
CAST COWS - Fr: £159.5p/kg High House (Helsington); 149.5p/kg Strickland Hill; 137.5p/kg Ancliffe Hall, Holme House, Parkside Farm; 134.5p/kg Mill Farm. Lim: 214.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm; 159.5p/kg Mearsbeck; 147.5p/kg Spital Farm; 139.5p/kg Lower Swainshead. Char: 119.5p/kg Low Hall Beck. Hfd: 164.5p/kg Bank House Farm. Sim: 149.5p/kg Throstle Nest Farm. BB: 219.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm; 151.5p/kg Hall Croft; 137.5p/kg Hazelslack Tower. AA: 129.5p/kg Broad Oak. Stabiliser: 147.5p/kg Park House. Mont: 129.5p/kg Johnson House.
CAST HEIFERS - Fr: 169.5p/kg Mealbank Farm; 161.5p/kg Hole of Ellel; 157.5p/kg Catshaw Hall. Lim: 209.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm; 161.5p/kg Howriggs. Galloway: 157.5p/kg Grove Farm.
CAST BULLS - Fr: 124.5p/kg Knotts Farm.

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