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Kendal Tuesday 20/11/12

Posted Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 4.08pm

Prime Lambs
A smaller entry of prime lambs were sold to an increased ringside of buyers and a much sharper trade than anticipated was achieved with lambs being 8-10p per kilo dearer than that of the previous day’s trading. Once again fed lambs were the easiest to sell with a top price of £86 per head for Texel lambs from SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm. The top price per head was 186p per kilo and was made on several lots of smarter type lambs. Mule lambs were also good to sell with plenty £66-£67, £22-£24 over their weight.

Cast Sheep
These were also a firmer trade on the week with horned and hill breed ewes sharper than previous weeks, with Mule & Continental ewes seeing little change.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS - Texel: £86 Causeway; £79 St Annes Farm; £74.50 Poppy Farm, High Hallbeck, Clogger Beck House; £72.50 Crabtree Farm; £71 Nether House. Suffolk: £73 Kit Cragg; £72 Hood Ridding; £70 Barker Knott; £69.50 Brow Head, Mutton Hall; £68.50 Crabtree Farm, Birks Farm. Char: £74 Scroggs Farm; £72 Stoney Gap; £68.50 Sand Lane. Mule: £67 Middle Saddghyll; £66.50 Well Foot; £66 Low Newton, Middale Farm; £65 Brown Edge. Chev: £55.50 Orchard House. Horned: £46 Scar Sykes; £43 Whinfell Terrace. Leicester: £62 Brown Edge.
CAST SHEEP - Texel: £80 (ram) Low House; £77 Low Newton Farm; £76 High House; £72 Red Scar; £65 Sturdy Bank. Leicester: £82 (ram) Moss House; £82 Beech Tops; £78 (ram) Castle Syke. Char: £96 (ram) Myers Farm. Suffolk: £72 The Orchard. Mule: £67 High House; £60 Tranthwaite Hall; £58 Ghyll Farm, Red Scar. Horned: £45 High Borrowbridge; £43 Beech Tops; £40 Arklid Farm.

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