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Lancaster Monday 15/10/12 primestock

Posted Tuesday, 16 October 2012, 3.41pm

Lambs were in short supply this week which resulted in a price lift to a market average of 156p/kg.  Best meated lambs regularly 160p/kg / 168p/kg topping at 171p/kg for Texel x from RJ Byron and  T & CM Kelsall & Sons and £84 from PW & DW Roskell.

Cast sheep averaged £50.53 with meaty Continentals £75/£100, Mules £59/£62 with plainer hill ewes £32/£48.

Prime bulls sold to 191.5p/kg for Limousin x from J & D Barton (£1128) with dairy breeds 181.5p/kg (£961) for Montbeliarde from GA Haston & Son. Prime steers reached £2/kg for British Blue x from RG & H Preece. More prime cattle are needed every Monday for strong buyer demand.

PRIME LAMBS - Suff: £71 Hawes Farm; £70 Highfield Farm; £67.50 Walnut Tree; £67 New Parkside Farm. Masham: £75 Allocks Farm. Mule: £70 Fellside Farm; £69.50 Highfield Farm, Holme House; £68.50 Bank Farm; £65 Oak Head. Horned: £61 Low Kit Brow; £56 Oak Head. Char: £70 Low Hall Beck; £64 Springfield Farm; £60 Tenters Farm. Texel: £84 Springfield Farm; £77 Brown Brook; £76 Bank Farm; £73.50 Moorville; £71 Lundholme Farm.
CAST EWES - Suff: £96 Maddison; £70 Moorville. Mule: £62 Lee End; £61 Brown Brook; £59 Hazelslack Tower. Horned: £50 Brown Brook. Texel: £128 (ram) New Parkside Farm; £104 Brown Brook; £90 Parks Farm Barn; £75 Lower Castle O’Trim, Moorville; £72 Hazelslack Tower. Lleyn: £63 Low Pleasant. Herdwick: £34 Lee End.
PRIME BULLS - Lim: 191.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 187.5p/kg High House. Mont: 181.5p/kg Lane House. Fr: 139.5p/kg High House.
PRIME STEERS – BB: 200.5p/kg Thornbush.

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