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Kendal Tuesday 30/10/12

Posted Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 3.34pm

Another large show of sheep sold to a selective trade with buyers again cautious of under finished lambs. Lambs topped at 177p/kg for 33 kilo Texels from T & D Sharp and £75.50 from EM Standing.

Please note buyers require lambs to be belly clipped – facilities are available at both markets

Cast ewes sold to £95 from DJ Clarke and rams to £100 from SW Atkinson & Son, Capplerigg. Small and medium ewes less money this week following last week’s religious festival.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk: £72 Mountain View, Mutton Hall, Barker Knott; £71.50 Meadow Oaks; £69.50 Brow Head; £69 Crabtree Farm, Toadpool. Char: £73 Sand Lane; £63 Dale View. Texel: £75.50 Kirkett Nook; £73.50 Ellergill; £73 Mountain View; £72 Nether House; £71.50 Fell End; £71 Scroggs Farm. Mule: £69 Croft Foot; £68 Brow Head, Lambrigg Head; £66.50 Nether House; £66 Low Hall; £65 Kit Cragg. Chev: £66.50 Croft Foot. Horned: £62 Nether House; £54 Mid Town House; £50 Moor House.
CAST SHEEP - Texel: £100 (ram) Capplerigg; £95 Orphan Crag; £79 Gaisgill Row; £72 Gibraltar. Cont: £80 Beck House; £64 Yew Tree, Brow Head. Leicester: £81 Boundary Beck; £71 Orphan Crag; £64 Low Longmire. Masham: £63 Low Audlands. Mule: £66 Long Green Head; £65 Green Close, Mireside Farm, £64 Ellercow. Rough Fell: £56 (ram) Gateside Farm; £49 Crabtree Farm; £45 Bracken Hill. Lleyn: £49 Poole Bank. Teeswater: £78 Low Audlands.

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