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Kendal Tuesday 16/10/12

Posted Wednesday, 17 October 2012, 4.39pm


An entry of 1162 prime lambs sold to a competitive trade throughout with well fleshed lambs in the 40kg-44kg range regularly 160p/kg /170p/kg topping at 175p/kg for Beltex x lambs sold by GH Bell purchased by A Atkinson Livestock. TK & B Gorst sold Texel lambs at 172p/kg and these were purchased by Mr A Ditta. Top price lambs per head were £84.50 from TE, JS & SA Carruthers. Most 39kg-44kg lambs little more than store price. SQQ average 158p/kg. Please note as of 22nd October lambs are requested to be belly clipped.

Cast sheep sold to £112 for Texels from GE Hunter, best Continentals regularly £70/£85, Mules £58/£72 with a large show of plain horned ewes generally £20/£40.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS - Horned: £46.50 Low Haygarth, £41 Bracken Hill. Mash: £47.50 Low Garths. Mule: £72.50 Croft Foot, £70 Brow Top & Middale, £69 Low Newton, £68 Ashstead, £65 Low Hall. Char: £80 Myers Farm. Jacob: £48.50 Bark House. Chev: £68.50 Low Newton, £66 Croft Foot. Beltex: £73.50 Red Lodge. Suff: £75 Low Newton, £74 Red Lodge, £73 Meadow Oaks, £72.50 Nook Farm, £72 Toadpool, £71 Pyes Bridge, £70.50 Garnett Fold, £69.50 Ackenthwaite. Tex: £84.50 Red Scar, £75 Low House, £74 Garnett Folds, Mutton Hall & Low Hall, £73 Ninezergh & Gaisgill Row, £72.50 Nook Farm, Mansergh High & Low Barrows Green, £72 Milness Hall, £71 Tranthwaite Hall.
CAST SHEEP - Cont: £112 (ram) Beck House; £60 Broad Head. Suff: £80 Whittington Farm. Mule: £80 Broad Head; £75 Low Brundrigg; £74 Clawthorpe Lodge; £65 Sand Lane, Garnett House. Rough Fell: £51 Croft Foot. Scotch Blackface: £59 Roundthwaite Abbey. Chev: £80 High Borrowbridge. Texel: £85 Low Garths; £76 Holme Field; £73 Broad Head; £72 Low Newton; £69 High Wray. Gritstone: £35 Moss End.

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