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Kendal Tuesday 09/10/12

Posted Wednesday, 10 October 2012, 3.02pm

Monthly Sale of Pigs

The monthly pig sale saw an improved entry forward with prices reflecting the quality of pigs on offer. All types were keenly bid for with a 100% clearance achieved. Top price of the day was £94 for White gilts from JH Ivinson. Forward stores regularly £72/£80. Only smallest weaners forward today with Saddleback x reaching £18 from P Carr.

Prices to Note: Gilts to £94, Boars to £85, Sows to £65, White Stores to £80, Black Stores to £72, GOS x Stores to £72,
Pietrain Stores to £28, Saddleback Weaners to £18.

Weekly Sale of Prime Lambs & Cast Ewes
A very similar number of lambs and ewes forward to last week. Due to the fine weather lamb numbers were reduced up and down the country which resuted in a sharper trade being 6p/kg dearer than last week. Lambs topped at £81 per head for a pen of Texel x from M Coates, Ulpha and a top per kilo of 181p for a pen of handy weight lambs from G Bell, Red Lodge. Lambs that were full of meat were easiest to sell with leaner plain lambs harder to cash. Would customers please note several abattoirs are now indicating the need for lambs to be bellied out and some firms are making it compulsory from the 22nd October.

Once again a large proportion of the sheep were made up of leaner type hill ewes which like everywhere are proving harder to sell than those ewes which are carrying flesh. Sheep topped at £100 for a Continental ram from JF & N Strickland & Son, The Borrans.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £81 Ulpha Farm; £76 Orphan Crag, Top Thorn; £75 Green Head; £74 Tranthwaite Hall, Low Levens. Suffolk: £73 Yoad Pot; £72.50 Hyning; £69.50 Mutton Hall; £68 Larkrigg. Cont: £70 Hyning. Masham: £59 Steps Farm. Mule: £74 Croft Foot; £73 Brow Top; £67 High Borrowbridge, Brackensghyll, Low Hall; £66 Moser Hill. Horned: £65 Bracken Hill. Char: £78 Myers Farm. Chev: £68 Green Head.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £89 Moor House; £86 Salterwath Farm; £61 Scroggs Farm. Leicester: £60 Brow Top. Cont: £100 (ram) The Borrans; £76 Green Head; £70 The Borrans; £60 Gateside Farm. Mule: £62 Salterwath Farm; £60 Low Hall, Meadow Oaks Low House; £59 Green Close. Swaledale: £28 The Lodge, Lime Tree Cottage; £27 Howe Farm. Rough Fell: £49 Croft Foot; £45 Gateside Farm. Horned: £71 High Underbrow; £51 Hill Top. Char: £52 High Farm. Chev: £63 High Underbrow.

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