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Kendal Tuesday 02/10/12

Posted Wednesday, 03 October 2012, 4.27pm

Prime Lambs
Even with a full ringside of buyers the lack of export trade at the moment is certainly having a big effect on the lamb prices. Continental lambs which had plenty of weight and meat were up to. £80 and this was the general trend of the sale with well fleshed or good shaped lambs easier to sell than lambs which were lacking finish due to the appalling weather conditions.

Cast Sheep
A very plain show of ewes were forward to the usual ringside of buyers. As with previous weeks, heavy ewes and those with plenty of flesh were easier to sell but plain leaner types more difficult to place.

Top Prices
PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £80 Ulpha Farm; £75 Low Hall; £73.50 Low House; £72.50 Arklid; £71.50 Hawkrigg End. Suffolk: £72.50 Middale Farm; £72 Hood Ridding, Hyning; £71 Hawkrigg End; £64.50 Nook Farm. Masham: £51.50 Steps Farm. Mule: £67 Low Hall; £66 Middale Farm; £65 Red Lodge, Ashlack Hall; £64 Bank House. Horned: £55 Archer Hill; £54 Steps Farm; £50 Yarlsber. Char: £59.50 Sand Lane.
CAST SHEEP - Suffolk: £106 (ram) Sunny Brow; £53 Gilthwaiterigg. Cont: £70 Poppy Farm; £62 High Wray. Mule: £60 Low House; £58 Toadpool; £56 Farleton House, Topthorn; £53 Grate Farm. Swaledale: £55 Burneside Hall; £50 Low Newton; £40 Skelwith Fold. Rough Fell: £57 Poppy Farm; £34 Abbey Farm. Horned: £46 Far Orrest; £40 Eskew Beck. Chev: £40 Scar Sykes. Texel: £72 Gilthwaiterigg; £52 Jackson Ground; £51 Bellingham. Leicester: £72 (ram) Low Hundhowe; £56 Kit Cragg. Teeswater: £57 Kit Cragg.

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